April 8, 2021

Revit Relief: Flexible Terms for Leading BIM Solutions

We’re offering special terms on the AGACAD BIM Solutions that many top Revit professionals rely on.

To meet your needs and give you more flexibility in current conditions, for a limited time we are offering 3-month licenses with free network activation. Take advantage of this offer by using it for any of our BIM Solutions for Revit listed below.

Get your 3-month license while this limited-time offer lasts!

What are the benefits of this offer?
  1. The 3-month licensing period keeps your commitment short and simple. No future obligation.

  2. You can use our powerful software on a network basis at no extra charge. The networked option lets you share the license among multiple users in your company and maximize the many benefits. That way, the right member of your team can use the software at the right time without the license being limited to a single computer.

This special offer is our form of “Covid relief” to support BIM’s continuing advances. It’s also a response to specific wishes that many of you, our clients, have expressed in recent times.

Software should be easy, so you can focus on what creates value. And it should also be cost-effective and flexible. So you can have all the solutions that you need to be able to handle any job well and efficiently. As ever before, we at AGACAD remain committed to ‘Building BIM Together’, eliminating BIM stress, and embedding best practices along with the insights of top BIM professionals. For the good of the global BIM industry!

BIM Solutions for Revit on-offer

Free Trials & Demos

We invite you to take a free trial to see which Revit tool(s) you would like. We also encourage you to request a free live demo with one of our BIM application engineers who can answer your questions and personally show you what the tools can do in your line of work. That way you can be sure the software meets your needs before investing in it.

Offer valid through May 31, 2021 for the following BIM Solutions:

Precast Concrete, Smart Browser, MEP Hangers, Cut Opening, Fire Sprinklers, Smart Assemblies, Smart Connections, Wood Framing Wall, Wood Framing Floor, Wood Framing Roof, Metal Framing Wall, Metal Framing Floor, Metal Framing Roof, Wood Framing Suite, Metal Framing Suite, Wood Framing SIPS*, Wood Framing OAK*, Wood Framing CLT*.

*Starter Kit mandatory