Create and manage MEP and structural openings in Autodesk® Revit® with ease
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For better coordination and big time savings, use this advanced BIM software to instantly create and modify even very large numbers of opening elements at clash points in Revit models – e.g., where ducts, pipes, cable trays and conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, beams or column.

Takes projects to the next level

Easily insert and schedule openings with all the relevant information.

Saves days of time and effort

Populate your projects with openings in just a few clicks.

Ensures consistency, avoids mistakes

Openings are placed everywhere they should be and are always kept up to date.

Opening configurations can be saved and used by multiple users

Opening configurations can be saved and used by multiple users

Consistently produce openings the exact way you need them in your company.

Copies information from MEP and structural elements into openings

Copies information from MEP and structural elements into openings

Easily find the systems that go through openings and their information.

Opening approval process

Opening approval process

Conveniently track the approval status of openings.

Customizable opening elements

Customizable opening elements

Openings can be modified to have fireproofing, insulation, or other details to fit your needs.

Creates openings for MEP elements in IFC format

Creates openings for MEP elements in IFC format

Whether MEP elements are Revit or IFC files, openings will be inserted.

Client stories.

Vestack’s greentech building revolution incorporates Agacad tools

In a drive to disrupt the construction industry with cost-effective environmentally friendly building solutions, this innovative Paris-based ‘green technology’ company says it has found big value in several AGACAD add-ins for Revit®.

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Client stories.

AMV House thanks Agacad for efficiency and customization gains in its prefab timber homes

This Estonian producer of timber element buildings says Agacad's wood framing, clash detection and other BIM software for Revit® has strengthened the competitive advantages that are fuelling its Northern European expansion.

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Client stories.

Mott MacDonald: “With Cut Opening we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients”

Mott MacDonald’s Sydney team achieved outstanding results for a major infrastructure project by using Agacad's Cut Opening software to design penetration holes in the Revit® models.

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Client stories.

NIRAS A/S: “Agacad's Cut Opening software supports our Lean BIM processes”

After achieving impressive efficiency gains for its building operations in Denmark, this leading Scandinavian engineering consultancy now plans to use Agacad's Cut Opening tool for BIM projects of many types worldwide.

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Included toolsets

Cut Opening

Automates the cutting of holes at clash points in Revit

Sort Mark

Batch numbers and marks Revit elements

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This software is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021

System requirements

Operating systems: 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (for all versions), Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 (for version 2019 only)

Easy to get started

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Insert penetration holes in Revit for MEP and structural models (linked files, too). Also covers fire safety components.   [2:23] Setting configurations [6:49] Running Interference Check [9:47]...
Making holes for MEP services in Revit can be done very fast using our Cut Opening plug-in. It can also auto-insert fire safety elements. .
How to manage openings and fire safety components in Revit.   [2:29] Insert simple openings [7:24] Insert openings with fire details [13:30] Numbering fire boards & collars with unique Mark...
Coordinating and designing openings in Revit is a critical part of the framing process. Whether for doors, windows, structural, or MEP systems, it must be done accurately, as quickly as possible, and...

Latest tutorials for Cut Opening

Openings for doors and windows

We just released a new Cut Opening version with lots of new features. Some of them were implemented together with our customers from NIRAS and Mott MacDonald teams.

Modifying opening families

The advent of 3D design and BIM put a new spin on MEP coordination: resolving clashes between elements in a model instead of lines in a drawing. While MEP engineers working in 2D have to imagine...

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