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True BIM software for faster, better design of timber frames and trusses
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Efficiently deliver timber-frame models and drawings that exceed clients’ expectations with this powerful and flexible software for Autodesk® Revit®. It automates work to save time and ensure accuracy while enabling optimal design decisions.

Vast time savings

Fast, accurate modeling and updating of building modules and components with project-wide parameters for highly detailed projects.

Precise deliverables

Accurate BIM data means accurate material quantities, part lists, and schedules.

Holistic processes

Design and production of any timber project with a high-LOD BIM model (digital twin).

Creates multi-layered timber frames for walls, floors & roofs

Creates multi-layered timber frames for walls, floors & roofs

Streamlines all processes from design to documentation. Use predefined, savable rules to create prefabricated panels, automatically distributing all framing and connection elements.

Automated documentation

Automated documentation

Reduces the potential for error and takes tedious tasks off your hands: views, tags, schedules, dimensions, titleblocks, sheets.

Multi-framing and framing in groups

Multi-framing and framing in groups

In large-scale projects, vast amounts of time can be saved by creating, editing and updating multiple building modules or components simultaneously.

Automated updates

Automated updates

Accurate BIM data means accurate material quantities, part lists and schedules.

Element numbering

Element numbering

Composing and editing project-wide parameters greatly enhances workflows, saving time and bringing clarity to projects.

Client stories.

Framing software enables BIModular to model efficiently at high LOD

A lean, hybrid approach to LOD – using multiple LODs to avoid model bloat – is one of BIModular's secrets to success in delivering high-quality and highly efficient DfMA. The other ingredient in the secret sauce: Agacad software.

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Client stories.

DPI Structure expands wood capabilities with Be.Smart tools and ARKANCE support

Be.Smart Wood Framing for Revit, backed by local partner A...

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Client stories.

Deltec Homes upgrades its innovative panel work

This US creator of hurricane-resistant circular timber homes greatly enhanced its panel design processes with the help of Agacad wood framing tools for Revit® and related training and support, speeding its fuller transition to BIM.

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Client stories.

Prefast takes panel house production to the next level

This Czech firm specializing in timber panel buildings has found great value not just in Agacad's unique Revit® framing add-ons and CNC export tools, but also in its ongoing support as a BIM technology partner.

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Client stories.

BamCore adds building tech to bamboo for sustainable structural leap

BamCore is a fascinating example of innovation in AEC. The US maker of bamboo-based wall-panel systems is on the BuiltWorlds Building Tech 50 list. Its ‘stronger, faster and greener’ approach leverages both better building materials and tech-driven process improvements. That tech includes some of Agacad's products for BIM and other solutions that Autodesk itself is investing to help develop.

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Included toolsets

Wall Wood Framing

Automates timber wall frame design in Revit

Floor Wood Framing

Automates timber floor frame design in Revit

Roof Wood Framing

Automates timber roof frame design in Revit

Truss Wood Framing

Automates timber truss frame design in Revit

Floor Panel Layout

Automates prefabricated floor panel design in Revit

Roof Panel Layout

Automates prefabricated roof panel design in Revit

Smart Walls

Automates the management of walls and joins in Revit

Cut Opening

Automates the cutting of holes at clash points in Revit

Smart Connections

Automates LOD 400 modeling in Revit

Smart Assemblies

Generates shop drawings and dimensions in Revit

Smart Views

Creates element views with automated dimensions in Revit

Sort Mark

Batch numbers and marks Revit elements

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This software is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2025, 2024, 2023, 2022

System requirements

Operating system: 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 10 or Windows 11 (for all versions)

Easy to get started

Get professional training

See how to edit elements with Wood Framing for Revit. [00:00] Intro [00:21] Studs/ Joists [04:12] Blocking/ Nogging/ Siding .
Learn how to edit elements using Wood Framing in Revit. [00:10] Move studs [01:34] Trim/Extend Multiple Elements ​ [02:27] Delete Elements [03:22] Cut Beams .
[0:20] Add Additional Bridging/Nogging/Blocking [3:07] Delete Additional Elements [3:32] Add Additional Stud [4:36] Add Vertical Block [5:12] Add Additional Support Stud .
[0:13] Add Copied Element [1:25] Add External Element [3:44] Add External Element as Brace .

Best practices for starting to frame in Revit

Want to frame walls, floors, and roofs quickly in Revit®? Our Wood Framing and Metal Framing BIM software for Revit streamline the framing process for architects, structural engineers, and framed bui...

BIM wood framing models and data flow for CAD/CAM production lines

Modelling timber frame houses in Revit would be a tough challenge. Can you imagine creating all those framing members one by one? Luckily, you don’t have to.

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