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Framing software enables BIModular to model efficiently at high LOD

A lean, hybrid approach to LOD – using multiple LODs to avoid model bloat – is one of BIModular’s secrets to success in delivering high-quality and highly efficient DfMA. The other ingredient in the secret sauce: Agacad software.


Geoffrey Jennings, head of BIModular, remembers doing LOD 400+ designs for clients back in 2018. But work efficiency was constantly hampered when managing high LOD Revit models.


He’d heard of Agacad previously, but upon taking another look at its Wood Framing and Metal Framing extensions, he realized it was far ahead of the game. Especially for higher LOD work.


This Paris-based provider of BIM services specializes in design automation for modular fabrication, assembly and construction of wood, structural steel, CFS and precast buildings.

“It outperformed other competing software by a factor of 5 even with me being a power user [of the other tools]. It was smarter, faster, and saved my hand from the damage of a lot of mouse clicking. My clients were surprised by the speed of revised drawings back to their office.”

In his consultation work, Jennings regularly sees ROI multiply for clients using Agacad’s framing products. Largely because the tools add more and more value to projects as LOD rises.


For Jennings, however, the returns of Agacad’s solutions go further than just enabling extremely efficient work at high detail levels.


You see, he advocates for a “lean-LOD” approach to BIM projects, a way of aiming at optimal LOD.


And he says Agacad’s solutions enhance this way of working: “They enable each discipline to create the level of detail needed. You can define rules to optimize your LOD, to get precise data and structure it well. Agacad lets you push out just what you need – from simple data, where that’s enough, to hyper-complex data when necessary.”


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As a BIM consultant, Jennings has advised many clients. Some that have adopted Agacad's tools have had such dramatic rises in efficiency that they have been able to downsize their design teams while increasing output. “That’s a testament to the effectiveness of Agacad’s solutions, which are a valuable way for design firms and trades to introduce ‘lean LOD’ into their project scopes,” says Jennings.
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