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T4I (Tools for Inventor) is an add-on for Autodesk® Inventor® that boosts your productivity by automating and simplifying routine tasks in every phase of the design process. From first sketch to publication of the finished documentation. Improve workflows, minimize errors and speed up modeling.

More productivity, higher accuracy

Improves speed and accuracy for designers by automating routine tasks and simplifying design processes

Accurate data & documentation

Enables effective team collaboration with latest versions of published documentation constantly accessible

Seamless integration with custom tools

Easily integrates other customer-developed tools into Inventor with iLogic command buttons editor

Simplified support access

Access expert technical support whenever needed with integrated helpdesk tools

Automated iProperties filling

Automated iProperties filling

T4I automates iProperties management in Inventor, eliminating manual data input. Save time while it handles dates, names, mass, drawing details and more for you.

Automatic iProperties synchronization

Automatic iProperties synchronization

Easily synchronize Drawing and Model iProperties, providing automatic or manual processes as required. Set it up once, and it seamlessly operates in the background, saving 100% of your time compared to doing it manually.

Automatic or manual publishing of documentation

Automatic or manual publishing of documentation

Efficiently manage popular filetypes, like PDF, DWG, DXF and STEP. Configure exports easily for one-click publishing, saving 68% to 100% of time depending on usage and modules.

User-defined iProperties dialogue windows

User-defined iProperties dialogue windows

Effortlessly save time filling iProperties with configurable settings for each document type. Access key iProperties instantly, saving 49% time compared to standard processes.

BOM manipulation tools

BOM manipulation tools

Ensure seamless numbering synchronization between main assemblies and subassemblies, eliminating errors caused by manual adjustments. Enjoy an unparalleled 100% time-saving advantage compared to manual processes.

Other notable features

Other notable features

Explore additional functionalities: drawing tools for accelerated annotation, Model Browser tools, document validation pre-save, helpdesk tools for seamless communication with our technical support team, and comprehensive, user-friendly application settings.

Reasons to buy T4I

Why is it worth buying the T4I add-on for Autodesk Inventor? Here are the main reasons.

Time saved

Save nearly 80% of your time by utilizing Be.Smart T4I's automated features.

Less errors

Minimize design errors throughout the process, ensuring higher accuracy and quality.

Increased efficiency

Automate design tasks, streamline workflows and accelerate modeling, enhancing overall efficiency.

Risk Management

Prevent design errors leading to expensive mistakes and rework

Product Showcase

Dive deeper with our demo videos

Automatic iProperties filling enables users to get rid of the tedious and error-prone manual process of custom-defined iProperties creating, filling, and updating. Boost your productivity with Be. Sm...
With automatic synchronization of iProperties, users no longer need to manually update drawing iProperties based on the changes in model iProperties and vice versa. On-demand synchronization of iProp...
With customizable iProperties dialogue windows, you can focus only on iProperties that are really important for your design. Boost your productivity with Holixa T4I! .
Publishing to the most common file types like PDF, DXF, DWG, and STEP is easy with Holixa T4I. Boost your productivity with Be. Smart T4I! .
Avoid wrong and duplicate numbering in the Bill of Materials (BOM)! Item renumbering and synchronization is just a matter of seconds with Be. Smart T4I. .


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