Compare and control construction work with reality capture data and open BIM
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Pointscene is a cloud toolkit for construction, BIM, and survey professionals. Take advantage of orthophotos, point clouds, and design files. Calculate quantities and volumes and cut unnecessary waiting time. Get better quality design changes faster with Pointscene. 


Streamlined construction management

Save your time in plan and design changes while ensuring high quality. Waste less time managing multiple data types and dedicate more time to the construction process.

Efficient collaboration

Effortlessly share project updates and statuses. Ensure streamlined collaboration and keep everyone informed and aligned.

Control unexpected situations

Effectively monitor and manage worksite progress, and promptly adapt to unexpected changes. Minimize delays, optimize material consumption, stay within budget, and ahead of schedule.

Up-to-date data access

Up-to-date data access

Enhance construction processes with up-to-date data access for field and office teams. Our advanced cloud technology enables instant viewing and analysis of heavy reality data, facilitating informed decisions based on the latest project metrics.

Integration with top construction tools

Integration with top construction tools

Pointscene integrates seamlessly with popular construction tools like Trimble® Connect®, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Infrakit®, and other CAD/BIM/GIS solutions. High-detail and up-to-date orthophotos are available for all stakeholders without file transfers.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

The intuitive UI ensures quick adoption (one-hour user onboarding), reduces learning curves, and enables full tool utilization. Pointscene is a browser web app enabling access from any device.

Advanced measurement tools

Advanced measurement tools

Sophisticated and user-friendly measurement and visualization options translate undetected spatial information into understandable forms, helping in data-driven decision-making and risk management.

Support and training

Support and training

Recognizing the importance of support, Pointscene goes beyond software provision. We offer tailored training and dedicated customer support, leveraging our expertise to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed for successful project completion.

Reasons to buy Pointscene

Why is it worth getting Pointscene?

Cut costs & save time

Save up to 20% on temporary construction costs and reduce meeting times by up to 30%

Risk management

Minimize risks and unexpected costs, don't get caught by surprise

Error prevention

Prevent design errors leading to expensive mistakes and rework

Product Showcase

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Pointscene is a cloud-based service tailored for construction professionals. Utilizing this solution, you gain the ability to effectively manage real-time site conditions, track progress, and monitor...
Experience what Pointscene can do in this 30-second demo video. Key Features: Easy-to-use browser-based tools for data management and analysis. Calculation capabilities for quantities, volumes, and...
The Crown Bridges Light Rail project in Helsinki involves constructing three new bridges to enhance transportation across neighborhoods. Spearheaded by the Crown Bridges Consortium, including Kreate...
Remarkable work on the 4. 5 km Kalasatama-Pasila Tramway in Helsinki! Learn more about how Destia, in collaboration with GRK Suomi Oy and other alliance partners, is utilizing Pointscene on this groun...

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