Precast Work: More Value More Responsibly.

Build Better with Holistic End-to-End Digital Solutions.

State-of-the-art technologies for design, fabrication and construction with precast concrete, integrated into BIM workflows for smooth processes and durable, versatile results.

Complete your precast building projects faster, at less cost, with better coordination and quality, minimizing the material’s negatives and maximizing its long-term benefits.

Enduring value

The elements of each client solution work as a unified system, generally with Autodesk® Revit® as a common environment. That helps unlock the full potential of prefabrication, automation and digitalization.

Design power

Getting digital construction projects right from the design stage maximizes savings and efficiency. BIM tools let you intelligently consider more design options. For functionality. For life-time energy efficiency and sustainability. To pass on sound models, data and documentation.

Quality assurance

True BIM technology is built into Agacad software. Drawings and take-offs update automatically as a model evolves. Clashes are found and fixed in virtual space. So your data and documentation are always accurate. That avoids not just errors but also material waste and costly rework on site.

Access to advances

From automation to AR, IoT, AI and whatever’s next, new building technologies require timely data in the right form. Agacad enables that. In data management, we’re ahead of the industry. We have state-of-the-art methods and tools for precision exchange and classification of building information.

Expert resources

Solutions draw on not only our own tools and custom development expertise, but also partner technologies. And in-house engineers who know the industry inside and out. And an impressive international network of expert AEC practitioners and trainer-consultants.

Building lifecycle

For each lifecycle process in precast concrete construction – planning (design), execution (fabrication, logistics, on-site construction and assembly) and operation (facility management, maintenance, eventual demolition and element reuse) – digitalization solutions create specific value for the diverse stakeholders.

Planning & design
Planning & design
Builder’s work
Builder’s work
Operation & beyond
Operation & beyond

Planning & design

BIM software, like Revit and Agacad applications, permits precise, efficient and flexible 3D modelling and management of building information with real-time collaboration by architects and structural and MEP engineers. Analysis in virtual space enables better design choices as well as clash detection and resolution with no physical cost. Data sharing and 3D visualizations help stakeholders spot errors and reconsider poor design decisions early. So sound design and quality information get passed on for use in later project stages.

Eliminate routine drafting

Detailing is easy with batch insertion of connectors, support elements, openings, etc. Designers (architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers) get precise drawings and data straight from the 3D model for easy sharing with other stakeholders.

Improved productivity & quality

BIM managers enjoy increased productivity and higher project quality. In large part, that’s due to great coordination between different disciplines.

Forecast costs more accurately

Cost estimators forecast project costs better to find the most profitable design solutions. They know exactly what quantities of rebar, connectors and bracing are needed. They can compare alternatives in real time and exchange information with contractors faster and more accurately.

Manage construction easily

Contractors and subcontractors more easily manage prefabrication planning and construction tasks. They save costs and resources and improve communication and collaboration. All this contributes to higher quality and better project results.

Be confident of your project results

Ultimate clients and project sponsors receive a digital prototype of their building to know early on what it will look like and cost. They can have confidence that they will live or work in a precisely designed precast structure. Built well, on time, on budget, and with a better sustainability rating.


Precast building modules and components are manufactured off-site in a controlled environment. Machinery in precast factories increasingly use data from 3D models. Prefabrication may involve the production of steel reinforcement (rebar) cages and/or the full production of reinforced concrete elements using forms. Digitalization is required for automation of machines that cut, bend and weld rebar, fabricate and fill forms, cut insulating materials, etc.

Error reduction

Highly precise data is sent to machines for accurate production. That saves resources and avoids waste.

Enhanced quality control

For greater longevity and life-time energy efficiency.

Data directly to CNC

A paperless building process is made possible. Direct transmission of production data to CNC machines means there is no need to print drawings.

Stakeholders who benefit

Manufacturers of precast modules and building components, Machine Operators at precast factories, Production Managers, Warehouse Managers, Contractors, Ultimate Clients and Project Sponsors all benefit from BIM-to-Fabrication with Agacad solutions.


BIM enables better sequencing of building processes. It also provides more accurate take-offs to ensure delivery of the right materials at the right time. This eliminates unnecessary transport and storage (or waste) of materials and delays that extend work on site. BIM models that include gravity points make it possible to embed hooks in large precast elements during fabrication so that they can more easily be lifted and moved.

Error-proof link

The building model and its detailed data are digitally linked to logistics processes.

Efficient packing & transport planning

Means faster, less costly construction using less energy and producing less pollution and waste.

Stakeholders who benefit

Contractors, Site managers, Warehouse managers, Project Owners, Ultimate Clients and Project Sponsors all benefit from BIM-to-Construction Logistics with Agacad solutions.

Builder’s work

Proper digitalization of precast construction processes enables all those involved on site to confidently do their job well. So, building work is fast, clean and quiet. Solutions also provide the data needed for other emerging building technologies with potential to further improve efficiency and reduce costs and waste: AR/VR applications, robotization of construction tasks and 3D printing, IoT uses and more.

Greater clarity

Builders have detailed, informative drawings and a 3D model to work from.

Fewer changes, less rework

That's what happens when you eliminate clashes and other errors upfront.

Easier coordination

When changes are needed, they're easy to carry out.

Stakeholders who benefit

Contractors and Subcontractors, Site Managers, Construction Supervisors, Other Construction Workers, Ultimate Clients and Project Sponsors all benefit from solutions that Agacad designs.

Operation & beyond

High-quality physical assets are made possible by precision design and execution. Plus, there are digital assets to hand over to owners: as-built models with the information to drive effective facility management and maintenance for years to come. And when, in the far future, the building is decommissioned, design optimization early in the project will maximize reusability and recyclability.

High performance

Functionality, adaptability and aesthetics, durability and longevity, energy efficiency and general sustainability.

Emerging tech

Smart facility management systems and future AI systems can tap into the required building data.

Minimized environmental impact

Over a building’s operating lifetime of operations through to eventual demolition.

Stakeholders that benefit

Owners, Ultimate Clients, Project Sponsors, Occupants, Facility Managers, Maintenance Teams, Society and the Planet all benefit from solutions by Agacad at the operations stage. And beyond.

Featured software

Precast Concrete
Detailed modeling of precast concrete elements
Smart Connections
LOD 400 modeling automation
Cut Opening
Clash-point hole-cutting
Smart Documentation
Automation of project documents & drawings
Classification System
Direct access to classification standards
Smart Browser
BIM content management
MEP Hangers
Effective management of MEP supports

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