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Generate documents and drawings for Autodesk® Revit® projects with ease
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Simplify and automate the creation of accurate documentation from Revit models with this time-saving BIM software. Powerful and flexible, it helps complete even highly complex projects quickly and without errors.

Saves time with automation

Complete documentation 2x faster by automating tasks and reusing configurations.

Eliminates human error

Apply rules consistently, reducing any chance of mistakes in documentation.

All-around versatility

Flexible enough to meet standards and fit use cases across many disciplines.

Create automatically tagged and dimensioned project views and assembly views in bulk and place everything on sheets.

Create automatically tagged and dimensioned project views and assembly views in bulk and place everything on sheets.

So you can provide construction drawings faster.

Place dimensions and tags by the batch in existing views.

Place dimensions and tags by the batch in existing views.

Increases precision and productivity, so you can focus on high-value modeling tasks instead of documenting elements one by one.

Sort and number Revit elements any way you need.

Sort and number Revit elements any way you need.

Eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces mistakes.

Create legends and specification tables.

Create legends and specification tables.

Enhances drawing quality, resulting in professional and reliable project documentation.

Update drawings in one click.

Update drawings in one click.

Easily handles changes to model elements.

Client stories.

Clients call Smart Documentation a problem-solver and time-saver

Since Agacad began developing software for Revit® in 2007, users have given us a lot of feedback in many forms – from detailed case studies to simple video remarks and emailed quotes. Here we share a collection of written comments we’ve received over the years from clients working on building projects all over the world.

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Client stories.

Hanssen: Smart Assemblies is a “critically important tool”

Automation of shop drawings with Agacad's Smart Assemblies, a BIM solution for Revit (that is included in Agacad Smart Documentation product in 2022), has given this Western Australian firm a competitive edge in its design-and-construct projects for mixed-use high-rise buildings.

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This software is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021

System requirements

Operating systems: 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (for all versions), Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 (for version 2019 only)

Easy to get started

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Learn how Agacad Smart Documentation overcomes the limitations of working in plain Revit — and frees you up to focus on higher-value tasks.   [02:04] Batch dimension placement [04:27] Batch tagg...
Ways to place tags using Agacad Smart Documentation.   [0:24] Using Revit’s ‘Tag All’ [0:48] Tagging by position [2:19] Result and double-checking [3:00] Radiator tags with Smart Documentation [...
[01:14] Views and assembly views [02:06] Numbering and tagging (ex. shown on precast wall panels) [02:54] Creating an assembly (incl. shop drawings, views, dimensions, etc.
Renumber elements the way you want. Automatically. .

Latest tutorials for Smart Documentation

Differentiate similar elements by geometry

Sort Mark is a handy tool for Revit that can help you deal with numerous element parameters instantly. Although this toolkit of some Agacad plugins may look simple at first glance, it packs quite a...

How to renumber walls by model line

When making drawings in Revit, it’s important to be consistent and maintain some kind of system. The same goes for modeling and numbering.

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