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The Revit add-in that completely covers project documentation
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[01:14] Views and assembly views

[02:06] Numbering and tagging (ex. shown on precast wall panels)

[02:54] Creating an assembly (incl. shop drawings, views, dimensions, etc.)

[04:18] Making a template sheet

[05:48] Updating an assembly

[06:35] Creating an assembly (ex. shown on CLT panels)

[08:42] Numbering precast walls in a specific order, creating an assembly

[11:06] Drawings for heavy timber poles with complex cuts

[11:45] Creating views (elevation, plan, section, 3D, with grids, levels, dimensions, etc.) with automated dimensions for selected elements without having to make an assembly

[15:00] Shop drawings for individual framing elements, with views automatically distributed on sheets

[18:56] Numbering and tagging an MEP model, automating dimensions in views

[22:22] Dimensioning section views and levels

[23:21] Legends

[25:34] Tagging and numbering a structural model with connection details

[29:04] Adding dimensions to exterior walls of an architectural model

[30:12] Renumbering grids

[32:19] Auto-filling coordinates

[33:37] Door numbering, swing direction

[35:55] Legends for doors by floor level, placed on sheets

[40:05] Adding some general notes on existing sheets

[41:07] Importing Excel spreadsheets into Revit, syncing with Excel

[43:40] Rebar images

[45:50] Making QR codes, barcodes

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