Metal Framing

True BIM software for faster, better light steel framing in Autodesk® Revit®
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Efficiently deliver just the right light-gauge steel models and drawings with this powerful and flexible BIM software. It automates processes, detects clashes and updates dynamically to save time and ensure accuracy while enabling optimal design decisions.

More efficient BIM processes

Saves time by automating framing tasks in Revit, for multiple building structures at once.

Better quality Revit models

Gives control of the LOD of light-gauge steel models.

Accurate data & documentation

Eliminates human error with automation and quality control.

One building structure at a time or multiple at once

One building structure at a time or multiple at once

Instantly generates accurate frames in selected walls, floors & roofs.

Modify & update frames

Modify & update frames

Improve your efficiency when making changes by automatically updating frames, parts or structural connections in your Revit model.

Add structural connections

Add structural connections

Increase the LOD of framing models using flexible automation rules.

Split Revit parts to form sheathing

Split Revit parts to form sheathing

Automate the creation of pre-defined part sizes for drywall or engineered wood panels.

Automate shop drawings with views & schedules

Automate shop drawings with views & schedules

Save time by generating sheets with dimensioned views and schedules.

Client stories.

BuildUp scales offsite construction with Agacad and Arkance Systems support

Agacad's Metal Framing for Revit and CNC Exporter, backed by local partner Arkance Systems BeLux, have helped an innovative producer of modular buildings based in Belgium optimize and ramp up its sustainable offsite operations to meet surging international demand.

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Client stories.

Bela calls Agacad metal framing and CNC solutions the “lifeblood” of its building design business

A cost-focused and energy-conscious Australian building design firm intent to extract all possible value from BIM considers Agacad a key ally for the uniquely powerful and flexible functionality of its tools and solutions for Revit®.

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Client stories.

U.S. preconstruction expert: “My productivity rose 60% with Agacad's framing tools”

Bobby Stiles, the founder of Florida-based Preconstruction with Stiles LLC, says his BIM modeling and metal stud consulting business got a big boost from Agacad's light-gauge steel framing software for Revit®.

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Client stories.

A-BET gets competitive boost in panelling, framing, BIM to fabrication with Agacad software

Agacad's framing and panelling add-ins for Revit® have boosted the speed and quality of this Dutch design firm’s design and documentation work, also for BIM to fabrication, allowing it to offer more competitive project pricing.

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Client stories.

Hanssen: Smart Assemblies is a “critically important tool”

Automation of shop drawings with Agacad's Smart Assemblies, a BIM solution for Revit (that is included in Agacad Smart Documentation product in 2022), has given this Western Australian firm a competitive edge in its design-and-construct projects for mixed-use high-rise buildings.

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Included toolsets

Wall Metal Framing

Automates light steel wall frame design in Revit

Floor Metal Framing

Automates light steel floor frame design in Revit

Roof Metal Framing

Automates light steel roof frame design in Revit

Truss Metal Framing

Automates light steel truss frame design in Revit

Floor Panel Layout

Automates prefabricated floor panel design in Revit

Roof Panel Layout

Automates prefabricated roof panel design in Revit

Smart Walls

Automates the management of walls and joins in Revit

Cut Opening

Automates the cutting of holes at clash points in Revit

Smart Connections

Automates LOD 400 modeling in Revit

Smart Assemblies

Generates shop drawings and dimensions in Revit

Smart Views

Creates element views with automated dimensions in Revit

Sort Mark

Batch numbers and marks Revit elements

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This software is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021

System requirements

Operating systems: 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (for all versions), Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 (for version 2019 only)

Easy to get started

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[03:30] Tech documentation [06:18] New UI [08:55] Hide unused tabs for sheathing and paneling [10:56] Modify Frame [12:55] Brick cladding on top of framing [19:26] Frame by Lines [24:02] Split sheathi...
See how to load Metal Framing default families for 3 main framing configurations. And how to edit/customize families. Agacad Metal Framing makes it easier and faster to design, coordinate and docume...
Agacad Metal Framing automatically updates drawings when changes are made to the model. .
See how to access the Wood Framing software package and find support in the Agacad Dock.   [0:24] Finding the Dock in Revit ribbon [0:29] Understanding the Dock [1:12] Finding Wood Framing in...

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Best practices for starting to frame in Revit

Want to frame walls, floors, and roofs quickly in Revit®? Our Wood Framing and Metal Framing BIM software for Revit streamline the framing process for architects, structural engineers, and framed bui...

CNC exporters for metal frames

Want to export light-gauge steel wall, floor, truss, or roof panel frames from Autodesk® Revit® to a CNC machine? AGACAD’s got you covered. (We’ve also got CNC Exporters for timber fr...

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