Enabling Innovations Together.
Technology with vision & expertise to deliver responsible value
Agacad delivers process improvement solutions that enable thoughtful, growth-driven organizations to create more value for all those they serve and affect. We distinguish ourselves by embracing a holistic, relational approach to innovation for relentless process improvement in construction, manufacturing, and other converging industries. We’re part of the ARKANCE Group, so clients benefit from our global network of local partners.
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Our mission

We provide our clients with not just the technology but also the vision needed for relentless process improvement to deliver responsible value in a fast-changing world – as construction converges with manufacturing and other industries, and as AI, virtual reality, smart contracts and data validation on blockchain, and other new technologies come into play.

Our way

The slogan “Enabling innovations together” conveys how Agacad enables our clients to deliver value through relentless process improvement.


The word ENABLING shows that we deliver full digital solutions with all the services, advice and vision needed to get maximum value from the software and other technology. That contrasts with those who focus on selling products. Our way of working makes us trusted partners and long-term collaborators.

The INNOVATIONS we enable are improvements in clients’ processes.

The word TOGETHER accents our holistic and collaborative way of working.

Advanced specialized software for simplifying processes and improving results in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and other areas, through automation, effective data management, quality control, and decision support.
Training, consulting, and ongoing support for process digitalization.
Consulting on and creation of content for process digitalization systems.
Expert advice in all aspects of Building Information Modeling and Management (BIM).
Custom development of technologies for process improvement.
The holistic vision, technology and assistance that specific clients need to achieve relentless process improvement in their industry, custom designed and delivered in ongoing partnership.
Agacad addresses clients’ needs comprehensively, from concept to installation and help with effective use.
Our values
We care about people.
We work today to deliver tomorrow’s innovations.
We never give up.
We push the boundaries of knowledge and ourselves.
We deliver responsible value.
Our clients
Directly and with the help of local partners, Agacad works with international design firms as well as architectural, MEP and construction companies in more than 130 countries. To date over 13,000 professionals are licensed to use Agacad software.
Baltisches Haus is a real estate developer founded by Belgian investors in 1995 in Lithuania to support a major Baltic retail chain. Now independent, the company manages 264,000 sq. m. at 94 commercial properties in 37 cities. Its values include ethics, innovation and sustainable modern buildings.
Trivselhus is a prominent Swedish producer of timber frame buildings known for design excellence and energy-efficiency. Besides Scandinavia, it’s also active in the UK and Åland.
An agent and business partner of Agacad in the Nordic region, AEC is Sweden’s leading supplier of IT software and services for the building industry.

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