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September 20, 2021

Content updated January 20, 2024

The mission of ARKANCE, and of Agacad as part of the Group, is to provide world-class services and solutions that empower the digital transformation of the AEC industry. Our partners play a pivotal role in this journey, extending the reach of our productivity-boosting solutions and embodying our commitment to excellence and global service delivery. Through these partnerships, we ensure that our cutting-edge Agacad products are accessible worldwide.

Agacad solutions, standing as a pillar of the ARKANCE Be.Smart software portfolio, are available for trial through various channels to best accommodate your exploration of their capabilities. Prospective users can download a trial directly from our website (agacad.com), as well as through the websites of our esteemed partners and companies within the ARKANCE Group.

From 2024 onwards, Agacad products have transitioned to a partner-exclusive distribution model. This strategic move ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and support, benefiting from the localized expertise and specialized knowledge of our partners. The companies responsible for bringing Agacad products to their respective markets include:

  • ARKANCE Systems (International): Serving as the cornerstone of our global distribution, ARKANCE Systems offers Agacad products across multiple regions. Discover them at www.arkance-systems.com.
  • AEC AB (Sweden)
  • Contelos (Germany)
  • Focus Software (Norway)
  • Forida Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Generative Design Solutions Trading Middle East (UAE)
  • M&F Tecnica (Japan)
  • Omnix International (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait)

Our network of partners is integral to our mission, embodying our values of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We invite you to explore the possibilities with Agacad products through our trusted partners, embarking on a journey towards transformative success.

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