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Hanssen: Smart Assemblies is a “critically important tool”

Automation of shop drawings with Agacad’s Smart Assemblies, a BIM solution for Revit (that is included in Smart Documentation product in 2022), has given this Western Australian firm a competitive edge in its design-and-construct projects for mixed-use high-rise buildings.


Hanssen Pty Ltd had many reasons for moving from AutoCAD® to BIM with Autodesk Revit®. It wasn’t just about staying ahead of AEC trends. The main motive was 3D visualization and other BIM features that could improve collaboration in the firm and with partners – something vital for design-and-construct projects.


The potential gains were huge, but realizing them had its challenges.

Hanssen Pty Ltd

Hanssen, established in 1992, is a project management and construction company based in Perth, Australia. It specializes in mixed-use residential and commercial high-rise buildings. The firm has in-house design and engineering teams, and manufactures precast panels, steel fabrication and windows for its projects.

“We discovered that while Revit is great for builders layout drawings, it’s very limited when it comes to shop drawings. We had to go looking for third-party plugins to assist,” recalls Jason Wallis of the Hanssen Design Office. The company spent a lot of time and money trying out other tools but was left wanting for efficiency and reliable quality.

Hanssen began using Agacad’s Revit plugin for documentation on precast walls and stairs in its high-rise construction projects. Its teams soon found the uniquely flexible software was also ideal for work with in-situ walls and column cages.


Once set up for the company’s own detailed needs and strict requirements, the add-in markedly increased both the speed and quality of documentation.


“Our shop drawings are now created faster than ever and with greater consistency,” Wallis says. “Using Smart Assemblies with Revit, we’re able to accurately create an entire construction model and efficiently produce quality shop drawings that our team members at the precast factory and onsite can confidently use. This saves us money and time. We consider it a critically important tool. It’s our competitive edge.”

Saves time, saves money
The Australian builder also praises the level of service provided by Agacad: “Support is amazing – timely, professional and proactive. To be honest, we haven’t dealt with anyone that has a higher standard. They’ve also collaborated with us to understand our needs, desires and ideas for further development of the software.”
Products used
Hanssen has not looked back since it found Agacad's documentation plugin for Revit. “It didn’t take us long to realise that Agacad was levels above the competition,” Wallis remembers. “The solution’s open design means our departments can create unique configurations to meet their specific needs. Our users are very satisfied. We’re impressed by how it’s enabled our teams to solve problems and boost drawing output.” The firm later added Metal Framing and Precast Concrete solutions to its toolbelt.
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