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Vestack’s greentech building revolution incorporates Agacad tools

In a drive to disrupt the construction industry with cost-effective environmentally friendly building solutions, this innovative Paris-based ‘green technology’ company says it has found big value in several AGACAD add-ins for Revit®.


Intent on reinventing construction to be more environmentally friendly at no additional cost and without sacrificing aesthetics, Vestack has developed its own construction system based on a proprietary digital-twin plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®, which facilitates the design of volumetric modules and simplifies obtaining building permits, and industrialized offsite production and pre-assembly of building components from bio-sourced materials for rapid onsite delivery.

Client Profile

Vestack is a French startup that designs and manufactures low-carbon buildings using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and related technologies to achieve major efficiency gains and sustainable processes. Founded in 2019, the company has earned national recognition as a greentech innovation leader as well as backing from a well-known venture capital firm.

As the company ramped up operations in 2020, it saw room to further improve efficiency and quality control in both design and manufacturing processes, recalls BIM Manager Zakariae Eljemli. There was also a desire to better coordinate the work of Vestack’s MEP engineers and its structural analysis team on often highly complex models. “Our main goal was to ensure digital continuity between the architectural model, the structural model and production in our factory. We sought a wood framing tool for transforming an architectural wall into a framed wall that was as compliant as possible with our unique system,” says Eljemli.

The efficiency afforded by Agacad’s framing software and the best practices built into it have given Vestack an extra edge in its drive to maximize productivity and sustainability in high-quality modular construction.


“Agacad’s cutting-edge solutions enable us to create more value,” the BIM Manager explains. “Using the functionality of our own plug-in in conjunction with the Agacad tools allows us to avoid many pain points and eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.”


Besides framing automation and the ability “to extract the BTL and WUP Files that our CNC machines use”, Vestack has benefitted significantly from running interference checks with the Cut Opening toolset “to compile clashes, with information on the nature of each one, and create openings that can be configured via a very friendly interface.”

Time-consuming tasks
In its work to leverage digital technologies to reconcile respect for the environment and cost control, Vestack has found a helpful attitude of ongoing support and partnership at Agacad. “The Agacad team trained us and is responsive and efficient when we have questions. Their consultants explain the features in depth and allow us to understand how Revit actually works in the back-end,” Eljemli says.
Products used
A review of relevant BIM software on the market brought Vestack to Agacad, where the French firm quickly found common ground in terms of shared passion to use technology to make the AEC industry more sustainable and productive, along with deep expertise in doing BIM in a Revit environment.
True BIM software for faster, better design of timber frames and trusses
Go from Autodesk® Revit® with Agacad framing tools to CNC and CAD/CAM with ease
Create and manage MEP and structural openings in Autodesk® Revit® with ease

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