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June 1, 2023

ARKANCE acquires VinZero, doubles size

On 1 June 2023, the ARKANCE Group, of which AGACAD is a member, announced the acquisition of VinZero. This deal doubles the size of the ARKANCE Group and makes it a global leader in providing solutions and services for the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Largest acquisition in Group history

ARKANCE becomes a global player in digitalization with this acquisition, the biggest in Group history. A subsidiary of Monnoyeur, a more than 100-year-old French family-owned group, ARKANCE has acquired the international company VinZero and its brands A2K Technologies, A2K Cloud, Cadline, Capricot Technologies and U.S. CAD. The new global group specializes in digitalization and digital transformation for the construction and industrial sectors.

“ARKANCE now has the critical mass to develop sophisticated solutions, and the enhanced ability to deliver them and capture the growth of digitalization trends,” says Gregoire Arranz, CEO of ARKANCE.

What does this deal mean for AGACAD customers?

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May 26, 2023

Quick, Flexible Design & Documentation of Ventilated Façades in Revit [WEBINAR]

Designers of ventilated façade buildings know how time-consuming, mundane, and error-prone the process can be in native Revit®. And manufacturers know all too well the delays, costs, and rework that any errors in data or documentation can cause in the factory or on site.

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May 22, 2023

AGACAD acquires SBS for 5D BIM capabilities and 7D potential

PRESS RELEASE – Vilnius, 22 May 2023 

Deal expands Arkance Group’s building and industry software team and portfolio

AGACAD, the Lithuania-based developer of advanced technologies for building information modelling and management (BIM) which was acquired by France’s ARKANCE Group in 2021, acquired SBS Group, another Lithuanian software creator specializing in quantification, budgeting and project management tools for construction and engineering.

For AGACAD, whose software is used by over 13,000 architecture, engineering and construction professionals in 130 countries, the acquisition enlarges its already wide range of solutions for 3D design and data management with proven tools for the so-called fourth and fifth dimensions of BIM – time (project planning) and costs. It also expands AGACAD’s team of developers with experience in software for the building and manufacturing industries.

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April 27, 2023

Revit Efficiency Hacks: How to Document Projects 2x Faster [WEBINAR]

Designers of all disciplines who use native Revit® to output 2D documentation invariably face the same time-consuming, mundane, error-prone tasks. Things like having to manually place tags, dimensions, and text notes and create sheet layouts for placing views and schedules.

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April 4, 2023

How to Deliver Precast Concrete Models & Drawings Faster with Revit [WEBINAR]

Revit® is a powerful tool for designing precast in 3D. But what if you could get projects done – from model to drawings – even faster and more accurately?

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March 4, 2023

MEP Hangers 101: Place, Manage & Customize Supports in Revit [WEBINAR]

Placing hangers and supports for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services in Revit is important to get right. That is, if you want to deliver a proper BIM project. Problem is, that’s hard to do if you’re working in plain Revit because there isn’t a built-in feature for placing hangers (except rarely-used Fabrication Parts).

There are three ways to deal with this difficulty.

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February 23, 2023

DPI Structure expands wood capabilities with AGACAD tools and Arkance support

AGACAD’s Wood Framing Suite for Revit, backed by local partner Arkance Systems France, has helped a structural engineering firm based in Lyon bolster its capabilities and efficiency in work with wood-frame projects.

Client profile

DPI Structure is a Lyon-based structural design and civil engineering firm unique for its multi-material expertise. It works on concrete, wood and/or metal construction and renovation projects across France and beyond. The company was an early adopter of 3D design and BIM, recognizing the potential of building information management to enable more holistic construction solutions.

Partner profile

Arkance Systems France is a national leader in digitalization solutions for construction and industry. It is part of the rapidly growing ARKANCE group, which now operates in 14 European countries.

Business need

DPI Structure got started over three decades ago as structural specialists in reinforced concrete for buildings and civil infrastructure. Over time it saw opportunities to develop expertise with other building materials as well, to be able to offer more holistic solutions: from foundation to roof, and from early architectural sketches to commissioning the built asset and even its later renovation.

Looking ahead to expected future regulations and evolving industry attitudes, DPI Structure saw work with wood, in particular, as necessary and an opportunity to stand out from competitors. It thus sought to build up its own capabilities for working with modern timber structures. The company was already using Autodesk Revit for design.

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February 1, 2023

AGACAD Advances | 2023 No. 1

The ‘I’ in BIM is the item of interest in the latest installment of our newsletter AGACAD Advances for AEC professionals.

But there’s more besides, like client stories and upcoming webinars. Plus, our Global BIM Survey continues.

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January 30, 2023

Classification: The key to getting more out of BIM [WEBINAR]

So, let’s say you made the transition from designing in 2D to 3D some time ago. You and your team have become confident in using BIM workflows. Check.

But, are you using BIM to its full potential? The time, effort, and financial resources invested into implementing BIM demand that you get as much as possible out of it.

BIM data classification is precisely where you can get more out of BIM. In fact, it’s the key to unlocking its full value. That’s because BIM data classification makes data easier to understand, ensuring accurate and timely budgeting, planning, building, and management of a given asset.

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January 12, 2023

Deltec Homes upgrades its innovative panel work

This US creator of hurricane-resistant circular timber homes greatly enhanced its panel design processes with the help of AGACAD wood framing tools for Revit® and related training and support, speeding its fuller transition to BIM.

Client Profile

Deltec Homes is a design and prefabrication company based in Asheville, North Carolina, known for uniquely durable and energy-efficient timber houses. Founded in 1968 and certified as environmentally friendly, it has customers in all 50 US states and around the world, from the Caribbean to Australia, especially in places where heavy wind and storms are common.

Business Need

Deltec Homes promotes ingenuity in building design, seeking maximally simple ways to address life’s complex challenges. The company is famous for its distinctive hurricane-resistant round homes, which combine panoramic views of nature with protection from its harsher moments. It also boasts two “Housing Innovation Awards” from the US Department of Energy for zero energy houses.

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