February 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions about the Starter Kit

This FAQ is about the Starter Kit of our specialized framing solutions:

What is included in the Starter Kit?
    • Sample project, sample Revit families, and sample configurations
    • 1 hour of basic training via online meeting so that you get the basic workflow
      and understand how to use the sample families
What families are included in the Starter Kit? What if I need more families?

The Revit families required for designing specialized framing are often unique to each client. Some clients require highly specific families (Revit elements, their relationships/connections, etc.) to meet company standards. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of the software, we include sample families that are most common in specialized framing structures, so that the majority of users would be able to create their models with only a few minor modifications to the families (or possibly none).

If you require custom families to meet company standards, then you can create Revit families on your own if you know how. As a separate service, we can also create/modify families or teach you how to modify our sample families to meet your needs.

Will I get more families when I purchase a license?

No. Our software is not a family library. The main purpose is to distribute families automatically by configurations. If custom families and custom configurations need to be created, we can help you do that, but such services need to be purchased separately. If you are familiar with creating Revit families, we can teach you how to modify our sample families to meet your needs.

Why do I have to pay extra for more Revit families?

Creating and modifying Revit families is a specialized service resulting in families that only you will be using. After analyzing your company standards and hearing your needs, we will quote a price. If you agree to it, then we will create everything agreed upon for you: a custom sample project containing your custom families and custom configurations. We may even develop a custom workflow suited especially to you, which we will show you during a training session. All of this needs to be done only once. After everything is created and set up – that’s it, you will be able to place the families and configurations on a server and share it with your colleagues for use in future projects.

Why do I have to pay for the Starter Kit (which includes training) and pay for additional training that comes in the Support Plan?

The Starter Kit training only shows the basic workflow using the provided Sample project, sample families and sample configurations. The Support Plan goes into more depth using the framing software, configuration modification possibilities, and further developing the workflow.

Neither the Starter Kit training nor the Support Plan training covers family creation/modification; if you need these services, they will cost extra, as they are valuable, one-time services unique to each client.

What if I already know how to use AGACAD Wood Framing or Metal Framing software? Do I still need the Starter Kit?

Yes. Understanding the basic workflow for using our specialized framing technology and applying the sample families and configurations will still take time even for someone who is already familiar with using our Wood Framing or Metal Framing software. This is because our specialized framing software comprises not only framing software but also workflow, sample configurations, and sample families. Even someone proficient with our Wood Framing or Metal Framing software will need time to learn from our experts how to apply a different workflow to distribute the sample families using the sample configurations that are provided in the Starter Kit. But our expert will certainly have in mind that you know our framing software already and so will move at a more advanced pace for you.