Precast concrete detailing software for modeling prefabricated buildings in Revit®

Precast Concrete software for Revit streamlines your 3D design process by automating the modeling, detailing, and documentation stages.

Efficiently model floor slabs, wall panels, beams, and columns. Insert connection details by the batch-load and place reinforcement. By leveraging BIM, all your shop drawings are automatically generated from the 3D model. And if any changes are made to the project, enjoy the benefits of running full-project, real-time updates on the Revit platform. The end result? Quality production and accurate assembly on site.

  • Model precast concrete walls and floors with easy split, update, and modify options.
  • Automatically insert connection details throughout your BIM model according to your predefined rules (including plates, lifting bolts and inserts, steel bar, reveals, cuts, grout tubes, loop connections, etc.)
  • Make element sections and views with automatic dimensions, and generate bills of materials and shop tickets for quality fabrication and accurate on-site assembly.
  • Manage changes in your project and benefit from dynamic updating of assemblies.

      Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2023, 2022, 2021

AGACAD becomes one of Autodesk’s first AEC Industry Partners

PRESS RELEASE – Vilnius, 9 October 2018

What does the workflow look like?


Going to build a modular building: school, library, parking garage, or dorm? Perhaps an apartment building or a high-rise? Maybe the county jail? Whether you’re designing a commercial or residential construction project, precast concrete can get the job done fast and stand the test of time.

Our Revit-based Precast Concrete software will help boost your profits and keep costs down by saving time, eliminating or automating lengthy tasks (shop tickets, anyone?), and speeding up your workflow. It also ensures that best practices are followed because we built them right into the software for any design standard. And we continually implement feedback that comes in from our expert users.

Do you need to model concrete reinforcing steel? No problem. Our software works for reinforced precast concrete. If it’s prefabricated concrete slabs or walls, columns, or beams that you’re modeling, our Revit application will streamline your process.


Watch below to get an idea of how you can model structural elements, place rebar, auto-format dimensions in your shop tickets, export fabrication information to CAM (computer aided manufacturing), or model a precast parking garage in Revit using our Precast Concrete design BIM software.
For structural engineers, civil engineers, BIM managers, precast detailers, designers, and manufacturers.

BIM Models & Shop Tickets for Precast Concrete in Revit
Modeling Precast Concrete Walls
in Revit
Modeling Precast Concrete Columns & Beams
Modeling Precast Concrete Slabs in Revit

Auto-Inserting Connection Details

Designing Tilt-Up Wall Panels


The table below shows which parts of the precast concrete building design process can be accomplished using Revit and which parts pertain to our Precast Concrete detailing software.

Precast Element
(or Process)
Inserting Details, Connections, Cuts, etc.
& Sorting
Documentation (Schedules/ Shop Tickets/ Shop Drawings/ Material Takeoffs)
FoundationsRevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Precast columnsRevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Precast beams (rectangular, I, L, T, or inverted T beams, I-girders)RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Double Tee slabsFloor Panel Layout/ Floor+C / RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Hollow Core slabs (voided slab or concrete plank)Floor Panel Layout/ Floor+C/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Massive slabsFloor Panel Layout/ Floor+C/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Filigran slabsFloor Panel Layout/ Floor+C/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Massive wallsSmart Walls/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Sandwich wallsSmart Walls/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Architectural wallsSmart Walls/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
SpandrelsSmart Walls/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Architectural sills, banding, lintels, coping, modular veneerSmart Walls/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Socle panelsSmart Walls/ RevitSmart ConnectionsSort MarkSmart Assemblies
StairsRevitRevitSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Stair landingsRevitRevitSort MarkSmart Assemblies
Reinforcement (Rebar/ Steel bar)Wall Reinforcement/ Beam Reinforcement/ Column Reinforcement/ Revit Sort MarkSmart Assemblies
connection details in a BIM model of precast concrete | AGACAD Precast Concrete design software for Revit


Floor Panel Layout


  • Automatically divide an architectural floor into regions by using supports, edges, and openings.
  • Divide and create separate slabs from selected floor or floor faces by a predefined spacing and layout method.
  • Create individual floor segments – solid (massive) slabs, hollow core slabs (voided slabs, hollow core plank, concrete plank) roof slabs, steel-reinforced slabs – according to panel layout.
  • Update panels accordingly if the architect changes the floor design.
  • Control, align, modify, or split panels as needed.



  • Lay out structural framing elements based on rules.
  • Define rules in the framing configurations.
  • Automatically create warped Double Tee (DT) slabs.
  • Make layouts of any section of structural system framing elements — hollow core slabs, steel decking for composite slabs, and more.
  • Especially useful for designing parking garages with warped DT slabs or when structural framing family has camber.

Smart Walls


  • Manage information of all wall systems in your project (load-bearing and non-bearing walls).
  • Export filtered, grouped, or selected wall parameters to Excel.
  • Decompose wall layers into separate wall types according to user’s predefined configuration.
  • Fully control joins and gap distances between walls.
  • Calculate center of gravity.
  • Add additional information about real wall orientation, elevation, or coordinates.
  • Split walls at exact locations by using grid lines, openings, or other walls.
  • Split walls automatically by predefined panel size.

Beam Reinforcement


  • Create, update, and modify reinforcement for rectangular, L, and IT beams.
  • Extend rebar outside beam if needed.
  • Tie selected main rebar with stirrups of various shapes per your configurations.
  • Place couplers.

Wall Reinforcement


  • Create, update, and modify reinforcement for solid walls, double walls, and sandwich walls.
  • Recognizes wall shape and distributes main mesh and additional reinforcement for wall perimeter and openings.
  • Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and U-shaped bars and edge reinforcement.

Column Reinforcement


  • Create, update, and modify reinforcement for columns.
  • Place main reinforcement, stirrups, and corbel rebar based on rules you set in the configurations.
  • Tracks corbel position and places rebar accordingly.

Smart Connections


Insert grout tubes, cast-in steel plates, anchor bolts, lifting bolts, lifting anchors, lifting eyes, footing connectors, cuts, and reveals on the surface of any host element, be it a beam, column, wall, foundation, floor, Part, or Generic model.

  • Rule-based distribution of details and voids on any element surfaces.
  • Simple insertion of point-based and line-based details.
  • Host-element data can be read and used to modify detail families automatically.
  • Easily rotate/flip details in configuration window to get desired result.
  • Check whether host element has enough solid body for detail to be inserted.
  • Insert details according to gravity point.
  • Insert details at intersection points of other Revit elements.
  • Quick modification and updating of inserted details.
  • Automatically insert details based on a defined configuration name.
  • Smart Assemblies, used for workshop drawings, recognizes changes made by Smart Connections.

Smart Assemblies


Create views of walls, floors, roofs with automatic dimensions and place them into sheets.

  • Automatic addition of all hosted elements to an assembly.
  • Use various templates to automatically create views and place them on a sheet template.
  • Auto-generate schedules based on schedule templates.
  • Rule-based creation of dimensions with notes in selected views.
  • Create multiple assemblies with defined configurations in a single click.
  • Easily check, update, edit, change dimensioning configurations of selected assemblies.
  • Update assemblies based on project changes.
  • Select/find/isolate primary and secondary assemblies.
  • Find changes in assemblies due to new hosted details.
  • Insert details/cuts on all assemblies of the same type with one click.

Sort Mark


Sort and mark precast elements based on their volume, location, ID, length or any other available parameters.

  • Powerful and flexible functions let you easily renumber any Revit elements (beams, columns, foundations, walls, connections, etc.) in a number of ways.
  • Automatic recalculation of shared X, Y, Z coordinates.
  • Create new shared parameters and benefit from many other handy functions.
  • Save numbering settings under a separate name.
  • Sort elements in ascending or descending order.

Smart Views


Get sections and elevation drawings for any building element easily using functions that create views and dimensions for selected elements quickly.

  • Uses configurations instead of manual work
  • Crops views to the element size
  • Creates automatic dimensions based on defined configurations
  • Applies view templates to all new views
  • Creates the number of views you set in the configurations for multiple selected elements
  • Renames views based on configurations
  • Apply dimensioning rules to any Revit view or selected elements in view


Fink Horejsh: “I estimate about 50% of my work is now done automatically”

This US-based structural engineering firm says the AGACAD Precast Concrete solution for Revit® has enabled it to streamline its project delivery processes and focus more on high-value tasks instead of routine drafting.

Precast Concrete model in Revit using AGACAD addons

Reacticon’s Joonas:  “Googling I found some videos by Valensas Balsevičius [a BIM Application Engineer at AGACAD] about AGACAD’s precast package. My jaw dropped. The rest is history.”

This Northern European engineering practice says AGACAD’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit® has no peers on the market in terms of guiding users to optimal workflows and enabling quality BIM results.

Kerkhoff Engineering: “We can efficiently create 3D precast drawings fully coordinated with other consultants, all in Revit. That cuts down on coordination time and errors during construction.”

This Canadian engineering and design firm says AGACAD’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit® has cut the time it spends on drawings by 50% and improved its overall efficiency while enhancing project quality.

BIM4ALL: “Working with AGACAD has helped to expand our team members’ know-how, especially on working with prefab construction and automating drawings”

Automated custom shop drawings were the main reason this international engineering firm got AGACAD’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit. But it now says the benefits are much bigger, and have been welcomed both by the members of its team and its customers.

Norconsult: “The Precast Concrete suite brought efficiency and flexibility”

Automated custom shop drawings were the main reason this international engineering firm got AGACAD’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit. But it now says the benefits are much bigger, and have been welcomed both by the members of its team and its customers.

JPS-Konsult: “We’re hooked on Precast Concrete and other AGACAD solutions”

This Nordic engineering firm says AGACAD’s BIM software has brought big efficiency gains for its precast concrete and wood framing projects, helped it win new clients, and enabled the company to handle more complex projects.

Savolainen: Precast suite has “game-breaker” BIM tools

This Finnish engineering firm says its design services have benefited greatly from the tools in AGACAD’s Precast Concrete suite for Revit®, which are now at the core of the company’s processes for element design and shop drawings.

Want to find out if Precast Concrete is the right Revit solution for you? Our professionals are here to help. Contact us for a quote or a free live demo given by one of our BIM experts.

Although you’re more than welcome to download a free trial, we encourage you to have a free demo first. That way you’ll be in a better position to evaluate the software during your free trial period because you’ll have answers to your preliminary questions and feel more comfortable with the basic workflow.


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