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Reacticon’s Joonas: Agacad Precast Suite Unlocks Revit’s Potential

This Northern European engineering practice says Agacad’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit® has no peers on the market in terms of guiding users to optimal workflows and enabling quality BIM results.


When starting his engineering company, Jörgen Joonas found that AutoCAD, which he had used until then for projects, was no longer sufficient or efficient. He saw that the path to the future, and to better workflows today, was building information modelling (BIM) in an Autodesk® Revit® environment.


Jörgen’s goal was to eliminate the brainless work – “dragging lines across the screen all day” – to have time and energy “to do the real engineering stuff.”

Reacticon OÜ

Jörgen Joonas runs his own civil engineering firm, Reacticon, out of Estonia. His focus is on buildings and other structures that use precast concrete.

That was not so easy. He soon discovered Revit lacks important functionality, and he himself lacked the know-how to optimise workflows. Working with precast assemblies in plain Revit requires a lot of manual work on view layouts, dimensioning, take-off, and inserting elements to achieve good detailing. Dynamo, the visual programming language for Revit, looked promising to automate routine tasks, but writing scripts was complex and time-consuming.“I decided it was very much worth paying for professional productivity tools,” Jörgen recalls.

After Agacad’s Precast Concrete package freed him up from mountains of manual and repetitive tasks, Jörgen was able to get much more work done: “There was time left to be an engineer.”


The set-up and training process gave him a deeper grasp of how Revit works and its vast potential. “The knowledge gains have been remarkable. This has benefited me and my workflows in so many ways.”

to be an engineer
Knowledge gains
Jörgen has been impressed by the constant ongoing development of Agacad's products, with “significant updates multiple times a year adding new functionalities and improving existing ones,” and by a customer support team that “writes me several times a year to ask how it’s going.” He notes, “I can’t recall ever seeing such dedication anywhere else.”
Products used
In his search for expert BIM tools, Jörgen stumbled across some videos about Agacad's precast package: "My jaw dropped. The rest is history.” He calls the package a “time saver and ‘brain fog’ reducer.” He was first amazed by the Smart Connections tool, which enables batch-insertion of grout tubes, cast-in plates, anchor bolts, lifting bolts, and cuts.
3D modeling and drafting software for precast concrete buildings
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