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Kerkhoff Engineering continues to find ever more advantages in Agacad’s Precast suite

This Canadian engineering and design firm says Agacad’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit® has halved the time it spends on drawings and improved its overall efficiency while enhancing project quality.


Whether working on offices, homes, warehouses, airport terminals or dairy farms, Kerkhoff Engineering’s focus is on using its experience and the latest technologies to deliver cost-effective innovative solutions that fully satisfy each client.


For its tilt-up concrete projects, the firm was looking to increase efficiency with professional productivity software for Autodesk® Revit®.

Kerkhoff Engineering Ltd

Kerkhoff Engineering is a structural engineering and design firm with commercial, residential and agricultural projects across Western Canada. One of the company’s areas of expertise is precast concrete.

“We needed a way to automate steps in the precast design and shop drawing process to eliminate as much manual work as possible,” says Chris Klop, a building technologist who oversees the drafting department. “It had to place standard connection details and create or duplicate sheets and views so we wouldn’t have to manually create them and drag them onto sheets one by one. And it had to be integrated into Revit, which we were already using for all design and drafting. We didn’t want to have to export and import into different programs to get results.”

By using Agacad’s precast solution, Kerkhoff has halved the time it spends on drawings and improved overall efficiency while enhancing project quality.


“The benefit is quite clear. The tools have made it possible to provide more detail without any extra work. We can efficiently create 3D precast drawings fully coordinated with other consultants, all in Revit. That cuts down on coordination time and errors during construction, ” Klop says. He notes the package “even solved some problems we didn’t even know we had.”

Figuring out all the software’s powerful features and configuration options has naturally taken some time. A year after starting to use it, Kerkhoff Engineering continues discovering additional ways to use it to do things better and faster.
less time spent on drawings
All along, the support provided by Agacad has been “amazing,” Klop says, no matter that it’s based halfway round the world in Northern Europe. “I especially want to mention Valensas Balsevičius”, a BIM Application Engineer at Agacad. “He’s gone out of his way to deliver quick, clear and relevant help to get us set up and answer any questions or concerns.”
Products used
Kerkhoff Engineering’s team chose Agacad's Precast Concrete suite of tools for modelling prefabricated concrete walls, floors, columns and beams with real-time project updates in Revit.
3D modeling and drafting software for precast concrete buildings

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