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Savolainen: Precast suite has “game-breaker” BIM tools

This Finnish engineering firm says its design services have benefited greatly from the tools in Agacad’s Precast Concrete suite for Revit®, which are now at the core of the company’s processes for element design and shop drawings.


Savolainen’s engineering offices in four cities were already using Autodesk Revit®, without add-ins, for structural design work, though for bigger projects it found element creation was slow and managing assemblies quite difficult.


The firm was also using an older 2D CAD programme, JCad, for precast elements. It wanted a full modern Revit-based 3D modelling solution.

Insinööritoimisto Savolainen Oy

Savolainen has been delivering architectural and structural design and construction management services across Finland since 1960, and more recently has expanded to the Baltics and other countries. It specializes in industrial and public facilities.

“The software was getting outdated and we wanted to do both types of work under the same program so it would be easier to complete complex projects reliably,” says Tarmo Lähdesmäki, a construction engineer at the company. “Also, 3D is becoming the standard in our business, and we didn’t want to get left behind.” So, the team began exploring the market for potential solutions.

Savolainen has enjoyed gains in efficiency and quality since it started using Agacad’s BIM software, which it now considers essential for element design and shop drawings for both precast concrete and steel.


“There’s some setting up to do, but after that things become easy. Without the dynamic update, for example, making changes to multiple similar assemblies would be impossible.”

Benefits have increased over time as the team has gained experience with the tools and as Agacad regularly introduces new features and enhancements. The company is now fully competitive with firms that use other platforms like Tekla for precast element design in Revit, according to Lähdesmäki.
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Agacad's Precast Concrete BIM software addressed Savolainen’s needs. “We saw the potential immediately,” construction engineer Tarmo Lähdesmäki says, adding that the dynamic update feature for drawings is “a game-breaker”. After a free trial, the firm was convinced, and proceeded to integrate the powerful plugin into its processes.
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