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Fink Horejsh powers structural design business with Agacad precast suite

This US-based structural engineering firm says the Agacad Precast Concrete software for Revit® has enabled it to streamline its project delivery processes and focus more on high-value tasks instead of routine drafting.


Fink Horejsh works closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to integrate structural and other building systems to realize the goals of a given project. To do so effectively, it saw a growing need to move toward 3D design and BIM.


“I started off doing this work with AutoCAD, but I couldn’t work fast, and other problems started manifesting themselves,” Structural Detailer Jacob Cabanban recalls. Efficient project delivery is vital for the firm, he notes, “and the only way I can manage that is to reduce some of the drafting work and focus on engineering, and by identifying problems early on.”

Fink Horejsh LLC

Fink Horejsh is a structural engineering firm in Madison, Wisconsin, with a focus on precast concrete solutions that are economical and highly constructible, from hollowcore slabs to precast walls, columns and beams.

The team went with Autodesk® Revit® to ensure smooth collaboration but found that “out-of-the-box Revit was still quite slow,” lacking key functionality for modelling and managing the many elements that precast work involves. So, Cabanban began investigating the many precast design packages on the market.

After enlisting Agacad’s BIM software for precast design to run on Revit, Fink Horejsh’s team was thrilled. “I estimate about 50% of my work is now done automatically,” Cabanban says. “We’re not a very large team and what Agacad has done really, is take on the role of another drafter. It eliminates routine work and lets me do more high-value tasks like engineering and project management.”


One feature that convinced Cabanban was the use of templates: “You can just save a template of what needs to be installed and how your drawings should look, and with one click everything is reassembled. In plain Revit, you have to go one by one, which takes a lot of time.”
of my work"
He’s also impressed by Agacad's continual development of its software with new tools and new features: “They regularly update the suite. They’ve released more plug-ins, like for rebar, and they’ve enhanced their system for identifying the origins of smart connections, for example, which is quite nice. That is bringing more and more of what I need in my work.”
Products used
Fink Horejsh chose Agacad's Precast Concrete suite – a set of tools for modelling prefabricated concrete walls, floors, columns, and beams with real-time project updates in Revit. “It’s still the best product I’ve come across, and I am always searching for new ways to increase productivity. I’ve looked at a lot of vendors," says Structural Detailer Jacob Cabanban.
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