Smart Views Activation Instructions for Current Users

News of interest for current users of Precast Concrete, Wood Framing, or Metal Framing: our new Smart Views tool is included, gratis!

If you have one or more licenses of any of our products listed below (Revit version 2022, 2021, or 2020), then Smart Views is included:

Please follow the instructions below to activate Smart Views in your existing license(s).

Instructions for Revit 2022/2021/2020 users

  1. Please make sure that you have latest version of the TOOLS4BIM Dock installed.

2. Open the Tools4BIM Dock and navigate to the License manager by clicking the gear icon on the bottom right. Select your existing product license for which you would like to activate Smart Views.

3. Here you will see your activation code. Copy it.

4. Enter the activation code in the activation field.

5. Smart Views is now activated in your existing license of our BIM software. We hope you enjoy using it!

Got a Network license? See the instructions below.

Now that you have Smart Views, what can you do with it? See some examples.

Instructions if you have a Network license

  1. Navigate to the license server dashboard using any web browser. URL should contain your server hostname or IP address with port number :2468/web

    For example — http://serverNAME:2468/web 

2. Click Details >> Show licenses. There you will find your activation key. Copy it.

3. Paste the activation key in the activation tab.

4. Smart Views is now activated.

Activation or installation issues? Contact us.

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