Steven Mezes

Managing Director at Bela Design Building, Australia

"It’s the lifeblood of our off-site prefabrication and module-building practices, reducing labour costs while increasing accuracy. [...] I have found AGACAD to be considerate, helpful, responsive, respectful – in a way unlike any other business that I have worked with. All our dealings with the AGACAD team have exceeded expectations and renewed my faith that there are still people out there with great business attitudes."

Bobby Stiles

President of Preconstruction with Stiles LLC, USA

"Metal Framing Wall and Metal Framing Floor are great tools that let me keep up with the demands of working on multiple projects. My productivity has increased by 60%. [...] I look forward to using more AGACAD tools for Revit in the future as my company grows."

Philip Graf

Panel Designer at Deltec Homes, Inc., USA

“My colleagues and I are very happy with the much-improved quality of the shop drawings I’m able to produce with Wood Framing Wall. I’m now working directly from the same model we generate all our plans from, so the potential for error is much reduced. I also now have control over my deliverables for the shop: I can include a lot more information than before, and I can exclude unnecessary information that used to clutter up panel sheets. One example of major improvements is that sheathing used to be just listed in a table, now it’s all drawn out graphically and easy to understand, which reduces the chance the shop could make a mistake.”

Martynas Toleikis

Head of Engineering Department at Glasma Services UAB, Lithuania

“We need to number quite a lot of elements, sorting and marking them by type and phase. We found AGACAD’s Sort Mark tool makes that fast and easy.”

Joshua Juneau, P.E.

Engineer at Morphy • Makofsky, Inc.

"I was able to make an extremely difficult project a success with the help of your team."

Gustav Wegelius

Project Engineer at Clarus Architects, Sweden

“The software provided by AGACAD has become a huge advantage in my daily work. I use the Metal Framing Wall tool to produce clear drawings customized to our every need. Basic wall framing is done in an instant and if you ever need any complex solution in your project the possibilities are just a few clicks away.

The installation of the tool is a breeze and with AGACADS´s great customer support you are up and running in no time!”

Jeff Feucht

BIM Lead Coordinator at WPI Builds, USA

"Why I like AGACAD framing tools:
• *LIVE* schedule!!!!
• Automated framing that puts in the right size studs without having to configure for all the different walls when needed for critical framing only option
• Automated Panel numbering system that numbers panels the way I want
• Easy workflow… no hiding critical options within a sub-menu...within another sub-menu, it's all right out front!!
• Easy-to-use customizable headers – even box and nested
• Easy-to-use customizable element labeling
• Being able to design complex panel systems
• Ability to make small changes in the panel with ease
• Add-on software that makes things even easier
• Other steel framing software I've used in the past are not even in the same league as AGACAD
• Quick turnaround with viable solutions and aid to my questions and concerns and always a with a helpful attitude."

George Aslanidis

Senior CAD & BIM Technician for Structural Engineering at Thorson • Baker + Associates, Inc. (TBA), United States

“AGACAD’s Wood Framing Suite is a great solution for anyone working in Revit who is looking for a more comprehensive, efficient and intuitive system for modeling roof structures. It’s intuitive and innovative and has saved us quite a bit of time, especially in the revising and updating of roofs. It’s made modeling and laying out roof trusses easier. It has given substance to our models, which is extremely beneficial to our clients. Being able to model the structures we need has also really helped coordination with clients.”

Peter Bjornfors

Business Improvement Manager at Trivselhus AB, Sweden

Wood Framing was the tool we’d been searching for. It offers us many time-saving synergies. It’s flexible and built to automate everything, but the designer can easily make changes manually.”

Rich Thomason

Owner of Timber Works Inc., USA

"Wood Framing takes the guess work out of the framing and ensures that we are able to offer our clients the highest standard of construction."

Carlos Vieira

Smart Browser Free: "Must have APP! This tool gives much more value to the everyday work of any user of Revit. Truly recommend."

Gareth Spencer

Smart Browser Free: "Just what Revit needs"

Nick Fuller

Owner of BIM Consulting Services, USA

"The MEP Hangers add-in is a fantastic set of tools. We use it on our MEP modeling projects. If you need to model hangers, this is the Revit add-in we recommend." (July 2020)

Salman Pey

Head of BIM at Niras A/S, Denmark

“A big strength is revision control: you can get a list of all the modifications, and our engineers can get inside the model and quickly see what’s changed since last time.”

Gary Yuen

Hip Hing Construction Ltd., Hong Kong

"We've been using Cut Opening since 2015. It runs smoothly and helps us a lot to increase productivity at work. Thanks for your effort." (May 2020)

Raiko Suits

CEO, Log Cabin Drafter, Assembly Guide Designer, OÜ Vikträ, Estonia

"In my everyday work I use Wall+, Rafter+ and Floor+ for drafting and budgeting log cabins. 3D models generated with these plugins work very well on many different platforms. For example, I export them into Maya to make stylized renders for assembly guides. I also use the same models for architectural renderings on different programs without any problems. I have been using AGACAD products since autumn 2017, and I'm very pleased with the one's I've used."

Louis Courtnell

Senior BIM Coordinator for Bouygues, United Kingdom

"As a main contractor we do not generally create Revit content; however, we had a particularly unusual challenge to resolve due to some issues with a set of consultant models that contained many thousands of Generic Model components. We needed to transfer these to another consultant and get them onto the correct Category – manually this would have taken a huge amount of time, as there is no quick process inside of Revit to make these changes in bulk. I discovered Smart Browser, and it has been a real time saver. I managed to edit the categories for thousands of objects in an excel-style interface, which was many times faster than manual amendments. All families are now successfully assigned to the correct Revit Category, and this issue was resolved; we even made further changes using the plug-in to some of the attribute data, which again was far more efficient than correcting information manually. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that I would certainly recommend. AGACAD customer services are also incredibly helpful as well."

Emily Rivas

Architect at ECOliving, Ecuador

Metal Framing: "We are very happy and pleased with the AGACAD software, it has helped us all through what we have needed to do, and the most important part is that with AGACAD we can get the constructive blueprint of elements we are going to use in the whole structure, definitely a software highly recommended if what you need is related to Steel framing."

Jason Wallis

Technology Process Manager for Hanssen PTY LTD, Australia

"We’ve been using ‘Smart Assemblies’ at Hanssen Construction since it’s early inception and consider it to be a critically important tool in our business for the production of shop drawings. AGACAD were great with requesting our feedback during its development phase and since adopting it in our office their support has been amazing . What makes it so powerful is it’s open/sandbox design, the users imagination and willingness to experiment are it’s only limitations. We are impressed with how ‘Smart Assemblies’ has enabled our different departments to solve problems and increase drawing outputs. I would absolutely recommend T4R software and support for any company working with shop drawings."

Chandel Ninmann

Virtual Design/Construction Specialist at United Building Solutions, USA

Metal / Wood Framing software: "The custom join tool has a really nice user interface. I’ve used one in the past that ended up being trial and error because the UI didn’t help the user understand what changes they were making. I’m happy to report that I was able to adjust my first join within minutes! I was also glad to see the preview adjust with each change and how each item drop down option made sense with how the items moved.

Great solution, I’m excited to set it up in my project! Your team does great work!"

​Tarmo Lähdesmäki

Construction Engineer at Insinööritoimisto Savolainen Oy, Finland

"Sort Mark is an essential tool when creating complex structural elements with lots of components that all need to be numbered.

Smart Assemblies is an essential tool in creating and managing assemblies. Without Smart Assemblies’ dynamic smart assemblies update making changes to multiple similar assemblies would be impossible. There’s lots of setting up to do but after you’re set, creating shop drawings becomes very easy."

Mike McGinn

Building Information Modeler / Plumbing Designer at PACE Collaborative, USA

"Our company utilizes both Smart Sheets & MEP Hangers heavily. MEP Hangers has saved us countless hours placing hangers on piping & ductwork. There is a small learning curve, but AGACAD was there to help explain & make recommendations based on our company’s needs. Smart Sheets has been a great time saver when working on larger projects with many floors or areas. For example, a large hotel complex. We would recommend these products to any company that places hangers or works with larger scale projects."

Freddie Kleiner

IT/Drafter at TJP Engineering, USA

Excel2R: "Our company develops Excel schedules far ahead of our model design, so it is necessary for us to include those schedules with our Revit projects. In the past, we would use AutoCAD and its datalinks to export a CAD file that we would import to Revit which was met with all kinds of inconsistent and bewildering results.

Now we can with the push of a button update our schedules, and even at a glance see which schedules are out of date. Beyond that, AGACAD’s support is amazing. We encountered a formatting/display issue which we informed them of, and in a very short period of time, the issue was resolved in the next version of the software. I haven’t experienced anything like that with any other software company. Incredibly satisfied!"

P. Todd Thongeiam, CDT

Architectural Designer at Stir Architecture (formerly Altoon Partners), USA

"Excel2R is simply helpful and user friendly Revit add-in."

Chester L. Morgan III

HVAC/Plumbing Designer at Air Masters Corporations, USA

Excel2R: "It’s very easy to use and helps me get what I need quickly. Everything is working perfectly on the formatting. Great job to your team! Thank you for taking the time to look into the issue I was having and make adjustments needed. Thank you for all the wonderful support."

Ágúst N. Jónsson

Construction Architect & BIM consultant at Verkís Consulting Engineers, Iceland

Cut Opening: "I am really happy with this product and looking forward to see more."

Julian Phoon

BIM Manager at NDY (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

"Excel2R is a time saver when generating tables and schedules. Works seamlessly as well."

Mikael Rupponen

BIM Specialist at ALA Architects Ltd, Finland

"We have used the Sort Mark software daily, and it has been working very well. We have found it extremely useful. Actually it is a must have for us."

Ian Kidston

Owner of All Extension Design Service, Australia

"Of the one which I am now using daily:

Sort & Cope is sensational. The tool allows you to adjust the coping on beam to beam or beam to column attachments very easily indeed. For me it’s a great tool. Dynamic Legends - this was one of the tools I was really keen on. I now provide graphical schedules for pretty much anything I schedule - love this tool. Quick Dimensions - quite good at speeding up the dimensioning of face of walls - opening - grids etc. Rafter+ - this was another tool that I was really interested in. Which’s pretty much perfect for my needs. Quite quick to frame a whole roof, has a couple of issues with rafters on one side of a ridge not aligning to the opposite rafter, making the collar ties a little bit more work to do - very good indeed. Truss+ - pretty much the same comment for Rafter+.

All in all, I am happy with the tools. They seem to be robust and haven't caused any problems in Revit itself that I am aware of."

Heiner Dillmann

Owner of Müller & Neumeister, South Africa

"Truss+ and Rafter+ are my favorite Revit add-ons. They save me 10-40% of my working time depending on the complexity of the roof. I have tried other third part of Revit add-ons, but most have not saved any time and did not proved to be a great help. In my experience these Tools4Revit add-ons are mainly nice and most useful are Revit apps."

Francisco Contreras Chaves

CEO and Architect at CINCO, Chile

"I think Rafter+ is pretty simple to use and can be very helpful. It saves a lot of time creating roof framing plans; with the advantage of creating take-offs immediately."

Judy Staicer

Revit Specialist at Vanderweil Engineers, USA

"I was able to apply about 135 parameters to each of 14 air handling unit families in about half an hour. When I had to do this several weeks ago to the same families, I used an Autodesk tool that doesn’t work well at all but is still better than doing 135 parameters one at a time in each of 14 families. Using that Autodesk tool, it took me 6.5 hours to add these parameters.

Using Smart Browser it took only half an hour to set up the xml file and a few minutes for the parameters to be applied to the families. And the best part is that next time I have an air handling unit family, it will take mere minutes because the xml file with all the parameters is ready to go. This tool is a real time-saver."

Dominique Compagnon

CEO and Architect at Agence D. COMPAGNON, France

"I found your tools essential. I mainly used the Dynamic Legend tool because, as far as I know, it's the only one allowing the separation Left, Right."

"Vos produits sont indispensables. J'ai surtout utilise l'outil "Legendes" car autant que je sache c'est le seul a permettre la separation Droite/Gauche pour les legendes de portes et fenetres."

Edgardo J. Lopez

Industrial Sprinkler Corp., Puerto Rico

Cut Opening: "Outstanding tool. Made my day... 'cause it is easy to use and when I run the Interference check (either in Revit or Clash detective in Navis) it saves time due to unnecessary clarifications and acceptance of these clashes.

Thanks for this tool that thinks of our needs as designers!"

Alex Mak

BIM Operator / 3D Modeller at Entire Fire Protection Pty Ltd, Australia

"We are very pleased with the MEP Hangers software and customer service at AGACAD. Benefits that we've noticed using MEP Hangers are:

  • Easy installation
  • Great time saver, especially on undulating/sloped ceilings and where there are many changes in ceiling levels
  • Fairly straight forward/user friendly to navigate and modify hangers and supports
  • Very easy to Model
  • Plenty of options/parameters to automatically distribute hangers under various structural, practical and aesthetic conditions
  • Ability to calculate Hanger Elevation from Level from software automatically
  • Automatically update with changes in the model"


Architect / BIM Manager at A Tasarım Mimarlık / A Architectural Design, Turkey

"Sort Mark it’s a real life-saving tool. We were working on a high-rise building, which has 7 basement floors, one podium and two towers, and we were supposed to renumber rooms and then doors according to given revised marking numbers of rooms. There were 3500 of doors and we revised all room and door numbers in 5 seconds.
We also use Sort Mark tool to renumber car parking. It is a very time-saving tool."

"We are working on a multi-purpose building which has shopping mall, residential units, offices, storages,… and we need to differentiate every floor material according to Room’s function. We revised all different floors in the project according to room’s purpose in 5 seconds by using Smart Floors and updated all of them with one single click."

"Annotating dimensions is very important process in the project and it is the last item that we need to do on our check list. Even though it is a simple job, it takes a long time. Quick Dimensions is very helpful tool and saves time. You can easily annotate dimensions with one click. Only disadvantage of this tool, you cannot annotate dimensions for components that come from the linked model."

Ben McKay

CAD System Manager at Wiley & Co, Australia

"I use Smart Browser every day to modify our families. We have over 15,000+ families in our library and to look after them manually would be incredibly inefficient. The time savings I gained from using this product paid for its self in the first 2 weeks of use."

Daniel John Davies

ICT / BIM Coordinator at Balslev Consulting Engineers A/S, Denmark

Cut Opening: "This tool is worth the money and is a big time saver. I would say that it has already paid for its self on the first project. Approx 800 holes in concrete prefab elements and floors for Electrical, water and ventilation models."

Donovan Young

CEO and Architect at Donovan Young Architecture, South Africa

Excel2R: "The software works fantastically. I really cannot go without it."

Doug Mahoney

BIM/CAD Leader at KPFF Consulting Engineers, USA

"I am very happy with both the Smart Sheets and the Excel2R add-ins. Unfortunately I’ve only had the need to use each a couple of times. The time I saved on just those 2 projects more than paid for the software so I’m very pleased."

William Fletcher

Engineering Technician at O’Brine & Gere, USA

Client’s response after the release of Excel2R new version 2015.2:
"I'm very impressed to hear back from you, a lot of emails like I sent get tossed to the side in support situations like that. I appreciate you addressing my specific issue. I think it will greatly improve your already slick product."

Ke Cragg

Engineering Technician at NCC Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Cut Opening: "I really appreciate the great support AGACAD delivered. They solved our project specific problem with great dedication and patience. It saved a lot of time as comparing to creating openings one by one per hand."

Stanley Mok

Project Manager at Good Year Engineering Ltd, HKSAR

"Great Customer Services on technical support after sale, timely support on the enquiry.

The product Cut Opening itself was also a great time saver tools for the daily operation. The functions suits for the industry on coordination and construction deliverables. Help a lot on man power allocation.

Looking for more good functions on coming version!"