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Thorson • Baker & Associates: “Agacad software has given substance to our models”

Agacad’s wood and metal framing solutions have enabled US-based TBA’s design team to automate complex roof framing tasks, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of BIM projects and increasing the satisfaction of the company’s clients in the building construction industry.


The Thorson • Baker design team needed tools that would bring big benefits for its clients and themselves. Important criteria in its search for BIM software were the possibility to model almost any type of truss and model any configuration of roof structure.


A search of the market led TBA to Agacad and its Wood Framing BIM software.

Thorson • Baker + Associates, Inc.

Active throughout the U.S. as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada, TBA provides engineering consultation and design services for the building construction industry: structural, mechanical, commissioning, electrical, and technology. It focuses on attention to detail, economy of design within project parameters, attentive service, and always meeting schedules and deadlines.


Initial use of the plugins brought quick results in terms of quality, accuracy, and time savings. The team loved the smart features, framing automation, ready Revit families for object libraries, and other valuable details.


That was in 2013. Three years later, they remain happy. George Aslanidis, Senior CAD & BIM Technician for Structural Engineering at TBA, says: “Wood Framing [software] allows us to model almost any type of truss, any configuration. The extensive truss family library that comes built-in is often enough, but it also offers the ability to model custom trusses to fit the shape of the roof, which has also been quite helpful.”


Aslanidis continues: “It’s intuitive and innovative and has saved us quite a bit of time, especially in the revising and updating of roofs. It has made modeling and laying out roof trusses easier. It has given substance to our models, which is extremely beneficial to our clients. Being able to model the structures we need has also really helped coordination with clients.”

Soon, TBA was ready to also implement Agacad's Metal Framing Suite, which offers the same type of advanced functionality, automation, and quality control as the wood framing modules. Here, too, the company has enjoyed gains in functionality, efficiency, and satisfaction, according to Mr. Aslanidis: “Revit doesn’t have something specifically meant for light gauge metal roof trusses. Agacad's Metal Framing software allows us to be more accurate in our work, while utilizing the same truss modeling capabilities as the Wood Framing plugin.”
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George Aslanidis, Senior CAD & BIM Technician for Structural Engineering at TBA, says, "Agacad's Wood Framing Suite is a great solution for anyone working in Revit who is looking for a more comprehensive, efficient and intuitive system for modeling roof structures.”
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