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Scottish firm’s DfMA-level CLT Revit models benefit greatly from unique BIM software

CLT Panels software for Autodesk® Revit® enabled Carbon Dynamic to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase innovation in the design, offsite production, and assembly of engineered timber structures.


Carbon Dynamic focuses on bespoke design and offsite manufacture of timber and hybrid modular structures, like off-grid cabins and pods. Although the company was already using BIM, Revit, and DfMA to optimize building-element design, it still lacked good software for working with CLT.

Client Profile

Carbon Dynamic, a subsidiary of Pat Munro (Alness) Ltd, is a contractor in the Highlands of Scotland with 170 employees, 75 years of history, and deep commitment to social responsibility. The multi-disciplinary firm is known and respected for its civil engineering work, residential and commercial property development, and modular offsite manufacturing.

“We did not have a tool that could tackle CLT head on – the DfMA process was clunky, and we were also spending a lot of time preparing models and drawings manually for every project,” says Thomas Woolley, an Architectural Technician at Carbon Dynamic. “Our requirement was software that was efficient in producing DfMA-level models, that could take our architectural models into the DfMA process without having to export from Revit to IFC to then be loaded into another package. Plus it should help with fabrication drawings and scheduling."

Agacad’s framing software proved its value at Carbon Dynamic immediately in terms of saving time and enhancing quality. “I was amazed to see how a highly detailed and accurate multi-storey could be put together through a well-thought-out parametric process. In addition, being able to use drawings as templates to set out other drawings is phenomenal and saves a substantial amount of time,” Woolley recalls.

“After setting up our own custom parameters, I noticed how quickly we were able to model timber and sheathing elements. We no longer had to manually split the CLT panels, which was fantastic,” says. Woolley.

“Not only can we now produce extremely accurate detailed BIM models and drawings, we can also export exact sheathing and fixing schedules, which improves other departments’ efficiency too."
Saved time, enhanced quality
In Woolley's words, "The software has absolutely put us ahead of the game."
Products used
A search of the market led Carbon Dynamic’s team to Agacad's Wood Framing CLT solution. They were quickly convinced that it was exactly what they needed.
Efficiently design cross-laminated timber structures in Autodesk® Revit®

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