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Framing software enables BIModular to model efficiently at high LOD

A lean, hybrid approach to LOD – using multiple LODs to avoid model bloat – is one of BIModular’s secrets to success in delivering high-quality and highly efficient DfMA. The other ingredient...

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BuildUp scales offsite construction with Agacad and Arkance Systems support

Agacad’s Metal Framing for Revit and CNC Exporter, backed by local partner Arkance Systems BeLux, have helped an innovative producer of modular buildings based in Belgium optimize and ramp up i...

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Clients say Agacad tools make even complex steel framing easy

Since Agacad began developing software for Revit in 2007, users have given us a lot of feedback in many forms. Here we share a collection of written comments we’ve received over the years from clien...

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Bela calls Agacad metal framing and CNC solutions the “lifeblood” of its building design business

A cost-focused and energy-conscious Australian building design firm intent to extract all possible value from BIM considers Agacad a key ally for the uniquely powerful and flexible functionality of i...

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U.S. preconstruction expert: “My productivity rose 60% with Agacad's framing tools”

Bobby Stiles, the founder of Florida-based Preconstruction with Stiles LLC, says his BIM modeling and metal stud consulting business got a big boost from Agacad’s light-gauge steel framing soft...

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A-BET gets competitive boost in panelling, framing, BIM to fabrication with Agacad software

Agacad’s framing and panelling add-ins for Revit® have boosted the speed and quality of this Dutch design firm’s design and documentation work, also for BIM to fabrication, allowing it to offer...

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UBS: “Agacad framing tools let us confidently take on more complexity”

This US design firm identified Agacad’s wall framing solution for BIM as the only software on the market that fully meets its needs for flexibility, complexity and productivity. It also says s...

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Thorson • Baker & Associates: “Agacad software has given substance to our models”

Agacad’s wood and metal framing solutions have enabled US-based TBA’s design team to automate complex roof framing tasks, significantly improving the quality and efficiency of BIM projects and...

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