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Norconsult: “The Precast Concrete suite brought efficiency and flexibility”

Automated custom shop drawings were the main reason this international engineering firm got Agacad’s software for modelling precast concrete elements in Revit. But it now says the benefits are much bigger, and have been welcomed both by the members of its team and its customers.


Norconsult aims to boost both productivity and quality through the use of innovative BIM technologies. In that context, it needed an efficient way to design precast concrete elements in a Revit® environment.


“For the sake of collaboration within the company, we wanted to use Revit for precast projects. But we were struggling with a great deal of manual work, especially for creating shop drawings from the models,” notes Henrik Thingbø, a structural engineer at Norconsult.

Norconsult AS

Norconsult is a top engineering consulting firm based in Norway which has worked on projects in more than 150 countries over the past 50 years. The company is steadily growing thanks to its focus on quality and bringing creativity and innovation to every project stage.

The solution had to automate the creation of shop drawings that were in line with Norconsult’s own preferences and standards. It also had to be user-friendly enough for use by any team member without the need for special training.

After starting to work with Agacad’s software, “we immediately reduced the time spent on making shop drawings,” Thingbø notes.


Norconsult also quickly began noticing other benefits for its precast concrete work. For one thing, there were fewer mistakes in BIM models. At the same time, communication with customers about projects improved. And within the firm, collaboration and the distribution of work became easier as the team discovered new flexibility in handling assignments.

All these things “increased our ability to deliver on time and with the right quality,” according to Thingbø. He said Agacad has provided strong support and even added some functionality to the software at Norconsult’s request. “That has been very valuable for us,” the engineer says.
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Norconsult chose Agacad’s Precast Concrete plugin for Revit. It was powerful, flexible and easy to use – unlike other very complex solutions they examined, which were hard to use and still lacked some functionality, according to Structural Engineer Henrik Thingbø.
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