What clients say: Excel2R is a must-have tool for tables in Revit

Since Agacad began developing software for Revit® in 2007, users have given us a lot of feedback in many forms – from detailed case studies to simple video remarks and emailed quotes. Here we share a collection of written comments we’ve received over the years from clients working on building projects all over the world.


Engineers, architects and BIM managers all over the world praise Agacad Excel2R as an easy-to-use productivity add-in for Autodesk® Revit® that’s hard to live without.


In remarks given below, users stress how easy it is to bring data from Excel files into Revit projects and automatically keep it up to date and properly formatted. They also say the support Agacad provides helps them get maximum value from the technology.

(Note that this tool is also part of Smart Documentation – a much broader product from Agacad for which client testimonials are shown on a separate page here →)


Meanwhile, here’s what clients say about Excel2R:

Excel2R reviews

User testimonials voluntarily shared with Agacad by current and previous clients.


Freddie Kleiner

Drafter/IT Admin at TJP Engineering, USA


“Our company develops Excel schedules far ahead of our model design, so it is necessary for us to include those schedules with our Revit projects. In the past, we would use AutoCAD and its datalinks to export a CAD file that we would import to Revit which [gave] inconsistent and bewildering results.

Now we can update our schedules with the push of a button and even see at a glance if schedules are out of date. Beyond that, Agacad’s support is amazing. We encountered a formatting/display issue which we informed them of, and in a very short time the issue was resolved in the next version of the software. I haven’t experienced anything like that with any other software company. Incredibly satisfied!” (2019 feedback)


Donovan Young

CEO and Architect at Donovan Young Architecture, South Africa


“The software works fantastically. I really cannot do without it.” (2019 feedback)


Julian Phoon

BIM Manager at NDY (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


“Excel2R is a time saver when generating tables and schedules. It works seamlessly.” (2018 feedback)


P. Todd Thongeiam

Architectural Designer at Stir Architecture, USA

“Excel2R is simply a helpful and user-friendly Revit add-in.” (2018 feedback)


Doug Mahoney

BIM/CAD Leader at KPFF Consulting Engineers, USA


“I am very happy with both the Smart Sheets and the Excel2R add-ins. I’ve only had the need to use each a couple of times, but the time I saved on just those projects more than paid for the software.” (2016 feedback)

NOTE: The Smart Sheets extension is no longer sold separately.
It is included in the functionality of the Smart Documentation product from 2023.


Chester Morgan

HVAC/Plumbing Designer at Integrated Facility Services (formerly Air Masters Corp.), USA


“Excel2R is very easy to use and helps me get what I need quickly. Everything works perfectly on the formatting. Great job to your team! And thank you for taking the time to look into the issue I was having and make the adjustments I needed. Thank you for all the wonderful support.” (2015 feedback)


William Fletcher

Engineering Technician at O’Brine & Gere, USA


“I’m very impressed to hear back from you, a lot of emails like I sent get tossed to the side in support situations like that. I appreciate you addressing my specific issue. I think it will greatly improve your already slick product.” (2015 feedback)


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