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JPS-Konsult: “We’re hooked on Precast Concrete and other AGACAD solutions”

This Nordic engineering firm says Agacad’s BIM software has brought big efficiency gains for its precast concrete and wood framing projects, helped it win new clients, and enabled the company to handle more complex projects.


While upgrading from 2D to 3D design to be more modern and competitive in the market, JPS-Konsult ran into productivity issues with its new Autodesk® Revit® software. Revit required so much time-consuming manual work that the company was tempted to go back to AutoCAD®.


“We tried to make shop drawings with plain Revit and realized that there had to be a better way,” recalls CEO Johannes Svensson.

JPS-Konsult AB

Based in Vrigstad, Sweden, JPS-Konsult specializes in designing precast concrete and wood-frame buildings, mainly for residential use.

So, the firm began looking for ways to get all the great benefits of BIM for its precast concrete and timber projects but without having to waste so much time. Specifically, it needed automated view layouts, dimensioning and material take-off, plus ways to quickly insert elements to achieve greater detailing. This functionality had to be easy to learn and use.

“We downloaded the Agacad software and made some great progress in a very short time,” Svensson says of his fast decision to buy Agacad’s plugin for automating the creation of views, rules-based dimensions, and assembly sheets for combinations of structural and architectural elements.


Before long, the firm had also acquired Agacad’s industry solutions for designing precast concrete and wood framed structures.


“This is a fun way of doing things, the time savings are obvious, and we minimize errors,” Svensson says. “Without the add-ons we couldn’t get such a high detail level and still be competitive. Now we have a great advantage over competitors, many of whom work only in 2D.”

What has Agacad's BIM software meant for JPS-Konsult?

“A fast and reliable way of planning our buildings,” the firm’s CEO says. More specifically, he cites big efficiency gains due to faster design and fewer errors, new clients attracted by the use of advanced technologies, an ability to handle more complex projects, and more pride and enjoyment in daily work.
Svensson rates Agacad's team “10 out of 10” for support: “They have a really high level of knowledge, not just on their own applications but also in Revit generally – that’s often been of great use. And it’s impressive how quickly the software gets updated when we make suggestions.”
“We could not have made the transition from AutoCAD to Revit without Agacad's programs. We use them a lot,” Svensson notes.  Everything exceeded expectations, including the training and support provided by Agacad. “I’ve never experienced such great support, both quick and professional.”
Products used
CEO Svensson did a major search and concluded that Agacad had the most powerful solutions for his needs. He’s an especially big fan of the Precast Concrete plugin for modelling walls, floors, beam, and columns, with real-time project updates in Revit. The software also creates element views with automatic dimensions, and generates bills of materials and shop drawings for quality production and accurate assembly on site.
3D modeling and drafting software for precast concrete buildings
True BIM software for faster, better design of timber frames and trusses
Streamline LOD 400 modeling in Autodesk® Revit® for easy connection detailing
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