April 11, 2022

Spring Sale: Every 2nd license of Revit add-ons 50% OFF!

Until May 22nd, 2022 we’re running a special offer to make it easier for your BIM team to work more efficiently in Revit.

Double your team’s efficiency and save 50% on every second seat.

When you purchase a license of an AGACAD product, you can get another license of it for 50% off. No matter how many licenses you need to cover your team, every 2nd license will be half-price.

Beneficial for teams of various sizes, this limited-time offer is especially relevant for mid-to-large size companies. By buying more licenses, your team can save significantly not only on software but also on training cost because the initial Support Plan price is fixed and is applied per company, not per person.

Start saving on AGACAD products now and work much more efficiently going forward!

Buy One, Get One 50% OFF

Offer valid through May 22, 2022 for the following add-ons for Revit:

Precast Concrete streamlines modeling and documentation of slabs, wall panels, columns, and beams.
Design homes with structural insulated panels? Do it more efficiently using Wood Framing SIPS.
Smart Assemblies generates shop drawings automatically with corresponding views & dimensions for various structural projects.
Metal Framing streamlines the design of structural light-gauge steel frames and auto-generates shop drawings.
Cut Opening inserts penetration holes or beam pockets right where you need ’em. Plus inserts fire safety components.
Design heavy timber homes, barns, lodges, or cabins? Wood Framing OAK is the way to go for framing custom structures.
Need to lay out 100’s of hangers and supports for pipes, ducts, cable trays, and conduit? Nothing does it better or faster than MEP Hangers.
Smart Browser facilitates efficient, cost-effective BIM content management for offices of any size.
Design buildings with cross-laminated timber? Get the job done faster with Wood Framing CLT.
Smart Connections lets you batch-insert and modify fasteners and connection details based on gravity point, depth, or nearby elements.
Wood Framing handles wall, floor, and roof frames, including trusses, rafters, and prefab panels.

Benefits of AGACAD add-ins for Revit

At AGACAD, we are committed to ‘Creating Tomorrow’s AEC’ and reducing BIM stress. Our tools for Revit will help you save timecut costs due to errors, minimize waste of materials on construction sites, and thus increase the sustainability of projects.

By automating designers’ tasks, our add-ons for Revit make your work easier, letting you create projects faster and more efficiently.
What else?

  • Less stress in daily work
  • Faster design completion
  • Easier BIM
  • Continuous BIM acceleration
  • Increased project profitability
  • ROI satisfaction

Save on these Revit add-ons!

Precast Concrete, Smart Browser, MEP Hangers, Cut Opening, Smart Assemblies, Smart Connections,
Wood Framing Wall, Wood Framing Floor, Wood Framing Roof, Wood Framing Suite,
Metal Framing Wall, Metal Framing Floor, Metal Framing Roof, Metal Framing Suite,
Wood Framing SIPS, Wood Framing OAK, Wood Framing CLT

For every Revit add-on you purchase, get a second license 50% OFF. So, the first license is full price, the second license of the same product is half-price, the third is full price, the fourth is half, etc.

The fine-print

This promotion offers a 50% discount on every second license when you buy one or more pairs of licenses. Offer valid only for new 1-year subscriptions of products listed in the promotion. 
The requisite Support Plan must also be purchased. Support Plan includes training done by our BIM experts to ensure that you can use your software to its full potential right from the start.

Annual subscription provides you software with all updates during the active subscription period, 3 versions of the selected product, and technical support (read more on Terms and Conditions).

This offer is available from April 11, 2022 through May 22, 2022. The campaign includes standalone and network license types.