June 19, 2018

WEBINAR: Precast Concrete – Shop Drawings & Connection Details

In this webinar we’ll concentrate on NEW FEATURES that have been added to Precast Concrete, specifically, generating shop drawings with Smart Assemblies and inserting connection hardware with Smart Details.

In the new version of the Smart Assemblies module, you’ll see how to work with assemblies that were already created in Revit, how to tweak the position, depth, and rotation of selected views and place legend views. And most impressive – updates for dimensioning hosted details. As for the Smart Details tool, new features allow for better handling of configurations and connection families, so we’ll see those as well in this webinar.

Ideal for structural engineers, designers & drafters, BIM modelers & detailers, and CAD engineers & technicians. The features in this webinar will help our precast clients – firms in building design & engineering, consultancy, and manufacturing all over the world save copious amounts of time on shop drawings.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Tweaking the position, depth, and rotation of selected views.
  • Placing legend views.
  • Updates for dimensioning hosted details.
  • Generating shop tickets with auto-dimensions.
  • Handling connection hardware families and their configurations.


Valensas Balsevičius | MEng Structural Engineering, BIM Application Engineer


BIM software for designing precast concrete structures

Precast Concrete enables easy and fast modeling of precast concrete walls, floors, beams, and columns in Revit with real-time project updates. Automatically split architectural or structural floors into various types of slabs (massive slabs, hollow-core slabs, etc.) according to predefined rules. Split walls into wall panels. Distribute connectors, cuts, plates, supports, anchors, grout tubes, and other details according to predefined rules. Easily mark and renumber project elements based on properties and location. Automatically generate fabrication information with desired views, schedules, and customized drawings for each structural element.

We hope to see you online!

If you’d like to take a free trial of the software that will be used in this webinar, simply download our TOOLS4BIM Dock. When you open Revit, you can then take a trial of any of our tools.

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