Precast Concrete Update: New possibilities for precast structures and special workflow for parking garages

Our Precast Concrete solution for Revit was just recently updated with new features and performance improvements, including new ways to split walls, add details, and create shop drawings/tickets. But by far the most significant update is that the Metal Framing Floor+ feature has been added to Precast Concrete! We did this especially for clients wanting to create slabs by using Structural Framing families and even apply this to warped double tee slabs for precast parking garages.

The Metal Framing Floor+ feature gives you the power to lay out structural framing elements based on rules defined in the framing configurations, so we hope it will prove useful in your precast projects!

To be clear, Metal Framing Floor+ is now included as part of our Precast Concrete software (see the Dock image at right). To use it for concrete structures, though, you will need additional families, configurations, and consulting to get started, so please contact us for pricing details.

Note: If you purchased our Precast Concrete solution in the past, just shoot us an email and we’ll send you new activation codes that include Metal Framing Floor+ software module, free of charge. We’ll also send you details about the necessary families, configurations, consulting, and requisite pricing.

The first time we introduced this tool to precast users was during our “BIM for Precast” webinar (see recording). There you can see how to use Metal Framing Floor+ to automatically create warped Double Tee slabs for a precast parking garage, which are widely used in the US market. But that’s certainly not its only application: this tool can be used to make layouts of any section of structural framing elements – hollow core slabs, steel decking for composite slabs, and more.

Design precast with the added boost of structural framing!

With Metal Framing Floor+, you can use special Structural Framing families to build up the layout of double tees, hollow core slabs, and other slab types in your precast project.

  • Create the layout of structural framing elements based on rules
  • Update, modify, and delete floor framing elements
  • Define offsets and the layout direction from the defined end
  • Use special parameters inside Structural Framing families to adjust to individual situations
  • Use Smart Dimensions to place dimensions in plan and section views
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