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Smart Documentation add-in for Revit: new UI, advanced/basic mode, sample configurations, and more

Our Smart Documentation add-in for Autodesk® Revit® has just received a new update! We’re continuing our journey to bring new features and enhance the user experience. In this blog post, we’ll...

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The power of client input for improving software for Revit

In our dynamic world, companies constantly look for innovative ways to become more competitive. To do that in the BIM context, architects, engineers and designers often turn to Revit add-ins – a spe...

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Introducing the Agacad Helper in our software for Revit

The new Agacad Helper is an interactive window that explains each setting in our software for Revit. So navigating configuration windows will now be even easier – for even faster work and top-qualit...

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9 ways to improve the quality of your MEP documentation and save time in Revit

Generating drawings and completing other project documentation can take a good chunk of time even when you have a well-prepared Autodesk® Revit® model. Placing dimensions and tags, marking elements,...

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Tagging Revit elements efficiently

Tagging Revit elements is a necessary part of every project. But it’s time-consuming and tedious, so the faster it can be done, the better.

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Updates for MEP Hangers Revit add-on: Configurations window, new UI & more

For years, MEP Hangers has had an engine and interface similar to our Revit add-in for structural engineers, Smart Connections. Now, the time has come for MEP Hangers to have its own look and logic.

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New customizable Revit families included with MEP Hangers tool

Requirements for placing hangers on MEP systems are becoming more common, as design contracts and national regulations begin mandating a particular level of detail (LOD) for BIM projects. Since Revi...

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Renewed Revit family library of hangers and supports included with MEP Hangers tool

Big changes are in store for our MEP Hangers software for Revit this year. One change has to do with the Revit family library of hangers and supports that comes with the tool.

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These are the Revit families of hangers and supports that come with our MEP Hangers software.
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