April 29, 2022

New customizable Revit families included with MEP Hangers tool

Requirements for placing hangers on MEP systems are becoming more common, as design contracts and national regulations begin mandating a particular level of detail (LOD) for BIM projects. Since Revit doesn’t have a built-in feature to place hangers on (non-Fabrication Parts) MEP services, a third-party solution is usually needed.

Even with an app, though, creating hanger systems can still be challenging, especially when you work with large projects and face situations where a custom hanger solution is needed – either an adjustment for a current hanger, a custom hanger, or a specific multi-level structure.

AGACAD has a solution that tackles all those issues. Our MEP Hangers add-on offers rule-based hanger placement and customizability for all your MEP projects in Revit.

Recently, we updated the Revit hanger and support families that come with the MEP Hangers tool. Elements of the new library now can be placed with an offset from MEP services, can be extended to either side (when applicable), and have many more positioning and appearance controls. Multi-level families will now adapt to any-size unistruts (even user-created ones). New families can provide accurate bills of materials through Revit schedules. Read more about the enhanced library.

Customization has been highly improved, too. It is now easy to add new sizes for rods, unistruts, or other elements. Creating your own hanger families can become feasible as well. New hanger families are created as separate parts, and you can easily swap a part with a tailor-made one simply by changing a parameter value.

Get familiarized with the new families in a live webinar

See how to work with – and customize – the new hanger and support families by joining our free, live webinar on May 5, 2022.

You’ll see how to:

  • Place hangers on different MEP systems according to predefined rules
  • Create unique multi-level hanger structures
  • Customize hanger parts (unistruts, rods)
  • Easily modify a family to create a different hanger and use it with our software

Hope to meet you there!