Free Family Browser for individual Revit® users

Smart Browser Free is free of charge BIM software for browsing Revit® families that can save a lot of time for architects, engineers and designers who work on their own. Unlike the full Smart Browser for companies, the free version is locally deployed (no network license is available) and is restricted to the local file system (there’s no server access).

      Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2023, 2022, 2021

Search and sort with ease!

Find what you really need much faster with what may be the most user-friendly search-n-sort functionality for Revit families, elements and their properties.

  • Find: Search, select, group based on any parameters.
  • Preview: See parameters and 2D/3D views before choosing.
  • Add: Just drag-n-drop to insert families into a project.

Want full control of content management as a BIM manager or team lead?
Are you a member of a team of Revit users?
Upgrade to Smart Browser.

If you want to not just find but also efficiently manage and modify Revit families, elements, and parameters, and if you want a network solution for sharing BIM content with teams in a quality-controlled environment, then you should consider more advanced Smart Browser options. This AGACAD software is scalable to fit the needs of any size BIM organization.

Smart Browser functionality that’s available for specific BIM roles:

Have questions about our Smart Browser options? Tell us what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to give you a free demonstration and answer questions you may have about the BIM Manager, Team Leader, and Team Member versions of Smart Browser seen in the table above.

As for the Freelance version, it’s yours just by downloading our Tools4BIM Dock. Interested in our other time-saving Revit plugins? Check out our whole lineup of T4R (Tools4Revit) Add-ons.



  • Increased productivity: This toolbox lets you focus on designing and decision-making rather than losing a lot of time searching for the right families.
  • Better quality: Great search and preview features help you choose the content that’s truly best for every model.
  • Cost-efficiency: Besides the hours of work saved and increased added with this free version of Smart Browser, you can easily upgrade to more advanced versions, adding users and optimizing costs as you grow.


Smart Browser Free: "Must have APP! This tool gives much more value to the everyday work of any user of Revit. Truly recommend."

Smart Browser Free: "Just what Revit needs"

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