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Access and manage your Revit content with Smart Browser
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Access and manage your Revit content with Smart Browser
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Agacad Smart Browser software makes browsing, sorting, managing, and modifying Revit families a breeze.


[3:01] What is Smart Browser?

[3:50] Smart Browser window now dockable in Revit

[5:28] thumbnail view or list view

[5:50] find Revit families in library by family name, parameter, value, version, host type, etc.

[7:28] load multiple fams or fam types simultaneously


[14:36] modifying families/parameters using plain Revit

[17:28] batch-modifying fams/params using Smart Browser

[20:45] change value

[21:30] copy value

[22:07] rename family

[22:26] add new types

[23:42] renumber types

[24:32] add selected parameter

[24:56] add shared parameter

[25:30] delete parameter

[26:00] change value

[26:48] change category

[28:36] adding Subcategories using data from external TXT file 📋

[29:30] Running Saved Modifications to apply changes to families in XML files in library

[32:40] changing UNIT SYSTEM of families in project

[35:53] applying units of one fam to other fams

[37:57] ⭐️auto-sort/renumber elements in an external library

[46:50] syncing changes made in library to families in project

[48:35] using Project Browser to see families in project

[49:53] 3 levels of Smart Browser

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