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Using Smart Browser to modify Revit family libraries and projects
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Using Smart Browser to modify Revit family libraries and projects
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See how to export and import data from Excel into Revit family elements, as well as for elements that have already been placed in a project, allowing you to quickly fill in any useful data that can be controlled via Excel. No need to open every family and write down the necessary information, no need to copy information line-by-line and paste it into the parameters. Just import all that is needed from Excel. And it’s done. The whole Revit family library is updated. There simply is no faster way.


[03:45] How to start using Smart Browser

[04:08] How to check family parameters, types, etc.

[05:07] How to sort families they way you want

[06:14] Quick search, drag-n-drop

[07:06] Creating & updating a library

[08:37] Modifying families in batch

[12:00] Rearranging parameters W/O opening the family

[13:32] Add parameters

[14:53] Modifying families in a project by IMPORTING/EXPORTING FROM/TO EXCEL

[18:40] Loading data from Excel straight into Revit families

[20:16] How to update families in current project according to library

[22:58] Using ‘BIM Tree Manager’ tool (included in Smart Browser Manager add-on) to analyze every single element INSIDE your project (as opposed to in the library, which is Smart Browser’s purpose)

Aleksandras Šeža
BIM Application Engineer

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