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Library creation and usage

All personal and/or company Revit families in one, easily accessible location.

Create a personal or company library

Create a library either on your personal computer or on a company server.

Keep up with element updates

Any newly added or modified element will be marked so users know about the changes.

Quick search within a library

It only takes seconds to find any family when you can group and filter library elements or search for specific values.

Load multiple families at one time

Load multiple families at one time

Groups of families can be loaded with the push of a button.

Load only a single type from a family

Load only a single type from a family

Ensure your project does not get bloated with unneeded family types. Load only the required type, even for families with no type catalog.

Preview family parameters before loading

Preview family parameters before loading

Essentially eliminate time spent guessing which family has the correct types or parameters.

Family modification

Modify families by the dozen, cutting modification time by 50%.

Batch-modify your families

Modify any number of families in a single place. From creating or renaming types and parameters to changing parameter values, grouping, formulas, tooltips, and more.

Export and modify family data in Excel

Fill in data for parameters in minutes instead of days, and with less possibility for errors.

Transfer family units

Transfer family units

Never struggle with family units again. Transfer units from a standardized family to your whole library.

Batch-upgrade families and projects

Batch-upgrade families and projects

Upgrade all needed families and projects without having to open and resave every single element.

Project data control

Easily check project vs. library, making it possible to find and fix gaps or errors.

Update families in a project according to the library

Always ensure the elements used in a project are the latest revision. See those that are not and easily fix that.

Analyze any element parameters in a project

Access all the data about your project in a convenient environment with control possibilities.

Project Browser

Project Browser

Preview any family from the project browser before putting it into a model’s space.

Add shared parameters

Add shared parameters

Add multiple shared parameters to a project from a single place.

Client stories.

Managing BIM families effectively proves key for UK-based design and fit-out business

This design firm in Manchester uses many specialized BIM families for interior detailing in the advanced Revit® models that help it sell, coordinate, and deliver projects in 10 countries. It’s been able to efficiently manage all that BIM content thanks to Agacad's Smart Browser solution.

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Client stories.

What clients say: Smart Browser is a powerful productivity tool

Since Agacad began developing software for Revit® in 2007, users have given us a lot of feedback in many forms – from detailed case studies to simple video remarks and emailed quotes. Here we share a collection of written comments we’ve received over the years from clients working on building projects all over the world.

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Easy to get started

Get professional training

A quick look at managing parameters in-batch and browsing families using Smart Browser. .
Project organization is time-consuming, and it’s easy to overlook details, especially when dealing with 1000s of elements. Agacad’s got a tool dedicated to this task: BIM Tree Manager, included...
Agacad Smart Browser software makes browsing, sorting, managing, and modifying Revit families a breeze.   [3:01] What is Smart Browser? [3:50] Smart Browser window now dockable in Revit [5:28] t...
See how to export and import data from Excel into Revit family elements, as well as for elements that have already been placed in a project, allowing you to quickly fill in any useful data that can be...

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Classify & number elements, enter data into family types

We have updated our Smart Browser solution for BIM managers by integrating our Sort Mark T4R Add-on into the Family Modification window so that users can work with all the Revit families they select...

Export/import family modifications to/from Excel

Quite a few updates are in store for our Smart Browser Revit add-on this year. Those updates will affect all three professional modules of Smart Browser: BIM Manager, Team Lead, and Team Member.

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This software is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021

System requirements

Operating systems: 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (for all versions), Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 (for version 2019 only)

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