Modify Revit® families easily

Search, use & manage libraries with Smart Browser

  • Save time on searching and loading the correct Families and their types into your project.
  • Modify multiple Families to save even more time.
  • Rest assured that the Families in your project are up-to-date and have all the required information.

Fast Family search

  • See Families directly in Revit
  • Organize and see them in the order you want
  • Check Family parameters before loading
  • Quickly find a specific Family by any criteria

Advanced loading

  • Load just a single type of Family
  • Load multiple Families at once
  • Compare Families in the library and project, and fix discrepancies

Unique features

  • Modify, fix, and upgrade Families singly or in batch
  • Change parameter values, add new parameters, rename old ones
  • Export and modify data from Families in Excel
  • Easily find and eliminate mistakes in Families

Modification features & functions

  • Change parameter values – even with Excel!
  • Change Family names, Type names, and Categories.
  • Modify OmniClass values from default or your selected file.
  • Change the assigned Materials.
  • Modify existing parameters: rename, delete, or change whether it’s Instance or Type; change group.
  • View and change parameter order in group.
  • Add new Shared parameters.
  • Add new Family parameters.
  • Copy parameters from one Family to others.
  • Replace a Shared parameter with a Family parameter. Or vice versa.
  • Add new types, and rename or delete existing ones.
  • Standardize type names.
  • Rename or delete Family names.
  • Add, modify, or delete formulas.
  • Create new subcategories in Families from the list of subcategories.
  • Export any set of information (SOI) to Excel.

Supplementary Features

  • Batch upgrade families, projects, and project templates to the current Revit version.
  • Copy units from one family to a whole folder.
  • Project Family Browser allows you to drag-n-drop elements from one project to another.

  • Find the difference between project families and families from the library and update where needed. Your project will always be up-to-date!

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