Precast Concrete impact on sustainability

Concrete holds a very significant place in the built environment, and precast concrete is more sustainable than cast-in-place concrete.

AGACAD promotes the use of precast over cast-in-place concrete and supports more ecological precast solutions through its Precast Concrete suite for Revit. Some key sustainability benefits of AGACAD’s tools for precast concrete:

  • 3D modelling helps to see more design options and achieve better efficiency.
  • Precise geometry means accurate bills of materials, for example for concrete and reinforcement bar, so only what is needed is procured, reducing waste to a minimum.
  • Model accuracy ensures quality documentation and helps identify errors during the design phase, which means there will be fewer mistakes and less rework during construction.
  • Much better management of project information means that for any design changes, take-offs update automatically, avoiding rework and orders of unneeded materials.
  • Models enable a paperless building process and the use of augmented and virtual reality on site, with drawings no longer needed for control or as-built deliverables.
  • Solutions for efficient packing and transport planning reduce both emissions and the depletion of energy resources.

Learn more about the impact of AGACAD products on sustainability in this document.

AGACAD White Paper: A Key to More Sustainable AEC Development

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