February 26, 2020

New Revit Tool for Beam Reinforcement [WEBINAR]

Want to efficiently model reinforcement for beams in Revit? Sign up for our free webinar showing a new tool that does just that. Our soon-to-be-released Beam Reinforcement app will allow you to place main reinforcement and stirrups via user-defined layout rules.

This free, 1-hour webinar is especially suited for structural engineers, modelers, and really anyone who wants to place reinforcement in Revit more efficiently. Join in and get a pre-release look at AGACAD’s newest Revit add-in.

The Beam Reinforcement app can be applied to rectangular, L, and IT (inverted T) beams. Works best for precast but also for cast-in-place concrete.

inserting rebar in an inverted T beam in Revit

What you’ll see in this webinar:

  • workflow for setting up rebar configurations and applying them on different beam types and shapes.
  • how to use AGACAD’s Precast Concrete for modeling precast beams with connections and getting shop tickets for them.


Our Beam Reinforcement tool for Revit enables you to create reinforcement for rectangular, L and IT beam sections in Revit. Plus you can update and modify as needed. The addin creates main reinforcement and stirrups based on the rules you set in the configurations.


Valensas Balsevicius | Structural Engineering MEng, BIM Application Engineer, Autodesk Revit Certified Pro

Now let’s watch his spiel.

We hope to see you online!

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