October 31, 2019

New Wall Reinforcement tool for Revit users

A few months ago we released a couple of Dynamo scripts for reinforcing precast walls in Revit. Since those churned up a lot of interest, we decided to go forward with creating a Wall Reinforcement add-on.

Wall Reinforcement lets you efficiently distribute wall reinforcement for solid, double, and sandwich walls based on defined rules. It recognizes the shape of the wall and distributes the main reinforcement and additional reinforcement for the wall perimeter and openings.

Here’s a webinar we hosted that shows the workflow for using this Revit extension.

And here’s an outline of the basic workflow to follow when using Wall Reinforcement.

First of all, you have to set the configurations, including the reinforcement type, step, cover settings, anchoring length, and so on.

Next you select a wall in your Revit project and link your configuration to a particular wall layer. Different configurations may be assigned to different layers:

Then, select walls of that type and run the Create Rebar command.

In this case, I used different reinforcement configurations on different wall layers.

If a change is made to the wall, you can always use Update Rebars or Update by Wall Link if you want to update reinforcement based on the latest configuration changes. And if one wall needs slightly different reinforcement than the others, just make instance modifications with the Modify Rebar command. And, if you need to get rid of reinforcement in the wall, just use Delete Rebar.

All your configurations are stored in the defined project location. That way you only need to create them once, and they’re available for using in other projects or sharing with colleagues.

Wall Reinforcement is available as an independent Revit add-on found in our array of BIM Solutions and also as a module included in our Precast Concrete BIM Solution, which now not only covers modeling and documentation of precast elements but handles reinforcement as well.

Wall Reinforcement now available!
As part of Precast ConcreteAs an independent BIM Solution
Bonus for existing users of Precast Concrete (v. 2020 or 2019):

Wall Reinforcement is included in your Precast package!
Follow the activation instructions.

Take a free 14-day trial of Wall Reinforcement.

  • Download our TOOLS4BIM Dock that matches your Revit® version.
  • Open Revit®.
  • In the newly-installed TOOLS4BIM Dock, select Wall Reinforcement.
  • Activation code will be sent to you via email.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Trial away!