December 5, 2019

Free Download! Dynamo scripts for rebar

Earlier this year, we showed some Dynamo scripts for placing rebar in Revit 2019. Now we are releasing those scripts for free, so we invite you to download them (only for Revit 2019).

Take me to the Dynamo script download page!

On the download page, you’ll see separate downloads for scripts compatible with Revit 2019 that are good for placing various types of wall reinforcement, including vertical and horizontal meshes, diagonal rebar, edge reinforcement around wall openings and perimeters, and U/O stirrup bar.

With tools like these Dynamo scripts, modeling reinforcement in Revit is easier and faster than ever, so we encourage you to use these scripts that will make your life easier for free. It’s a win-win.

Take me to the Dynamo script download page

If you find that you need something more robust than those Dynamo scripts, you might be interested in taking a free trial of our Wall Reinforcement BIM Solution (released October 2019) that is faster, has more configurations, and has a slick UI. Also, whereas the free Dynamo scripts come with no support or training and will not be further developed, we offer support and training for users of Wall Reinforcement, plus it is under continual development.