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FAQ: How to Insert Correct Size Hangers in Revit Depending on the Duct Size?

Product news July 19, 2013

Insert Elements is an Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Structure/MEP add-on for quick insertion of architectural, structural, mechanical elements (Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment, Stru...

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Importance of Openings in BIM Project

A successful BIM project will always be defined by its data richness which should be leveraged with the model workability and consistency. Workable model should be clean and smartly organized by not...

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Evolution of Modular Building Design: Wall+

Product news July 12, 2013

BIM solution Wall+ for Autodesk® Revit® is a perfect example for automated framed building design. This application allows Revit® users to create their sustainable buildings excluding all the dirty d...

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Challenges of Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is the factually loudest buzzword in an AEC industry. It is actually a very good trend because an impact of the construction sector to the climate change is the second largest in E...

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Do You Want to Work Fast with Large Revit Projects? It’s Easy

Product news June 28, 2013

We get some questions about work with large Revit projects from time to time. For example, “Why does it take a lot of time for BIM Tree Manager to start on big projects? How to make it work faster? B...

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FAQ: Is Revit Extension Insert Elements Included in the BIM Tree Manager software?

Product news June 13, 2013

Insert Elements is a powerful Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Structure/MEP extension that helps to quickly insert architectural, structural, mechanical elements (Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Mechanica...

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New free Cut Opening version (Cut Opening LT) has been released!

This is to announce that we have a new useful gift for all Autodesk® Revit® users: the latest product, the free Cut Opening LT for creating and cutting openings in building constructions. E...

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Easy Radiator Family Creation with R-Heating Application

Product news June 11, 2013

It can be hard, time-consuming work to make a selection and insertion of repetitive elements. For example, there is a need to put radiators by windows in the project, selecting radiators by room heat...

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New Wall+ Versions Have Been Released!

Product news May 28, 2013

Wall+ is powerful BIM software that provides a set of intuitive automated functions for wall wood framing and workshop drawings. It automatically generates the vertical and horizontal wood framing m...

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FAQ About Revit App Sort Mark: How to Write Swing Direction for Windows?

Easy-to-use Sort Mark extension for Autodesk® Revit® software is a powerful tool that allows you to renumber elements in different ways and write additional information to selected elements....

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