May 6, 2013

New Smart Browser Pro Versions Have Been Released!

Smart Browser Pro is a powerful BIM solution for Revit families search & management that includes powerful parameter (incl. shared) adding and editing. New versions of this BIM solution have been released; incorporating many improvements which allow you to simplify work with Revit.


Smart Browser Pro v2014.1, v2013.4 and v2012.6 – what’s new:

  • Now Smart Browser Pro will keep you updated! It will let you know if the library has been modified.
    User will get a message while opening Smart Browser Pro. Thus a user will know when the library should be synchronized:
    • Smart Browser Pro v2014.1 - SynchronizeA new column for showing formulas of the selected family is added:
  • SB Pro 2014.1-2The possibility to Add, Change or Remove text formulas is added:
  • SB Pro 2014.1-3Smart Browser Pro changes the row coloration. This improvement allows you to better understand what shared parameters are selected for adding them to the families:

SB Pro 2014.1-4

  • The possibility to make a search of families by its Revit version is added;
  • Now Project Family Browser has the possibility to display tags and other detail families;
  • Small graphical enhancements are added.

If you want to use the newest Smart Browser Pro version, please contact us by email