June 11, 2013

Easy Radiator Family Creation with R-Heating Application

It can be hard, time-consuming work to make a selection and insertion of repetitive elements. For example, there is a need to put radiators by windows in the project, selecting radiators by room heating load. In practice, it could take hours. However, this problem can be easily solved with a few step workflow using R-Heating the BIM solution for Revit®.
This article covers radiator family creation by specific manufacturer characteristics using R-Heating application.

First of all, please open the Revit® extension R-Heating in a project menu and press the function Edit Radiator Data:


Then in an opened dialog box you need to select the type of radiator you want to insert. You can choose Wall Based Radiator or Level Based Radiator:


Press File > Open template directory and choose the catalogue of radiators you want to use and press Load:



Select Radiator types from the list and press File > Save As:



Then find preferred path to put radiators in and define Family name (purmo_radiators in this example). Press Save:


Finally, there are created two files that are a radiator family (purmo_radiators.rfa in this example) and radiator type *.txt. file (purmo_radiators.txt):


Now you can load the family and its types using the Revit® Insert > Load Family function:


In conclusion, AGA CAD BIM solution R-Heating greatly improves building MEP design by automating time consuming tasks. This increases organizations BIM ROI and fluently incorporates into designers’ everyday workflow.

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