May 28, 2013

New Wall+ Versions Have Been Released!


Wall+ is powerful BIM software that provides a set of intuitive automated functions for wall wood framing and workshop drawings. It automatically generates the vertical and horizontal wood framing members of walls including openings for a timber framed building model. Wall+ features for timber wall frame design from model to workshop drawings >>

Wall+ v2013.2 and v2014.1 – what’s new:

  • Wall Framing is updated with two new features for complete framing design, as follows:

– Nailers can be added for siding support design

– Sidings can be easily modeled for complete framing design

  • Wall+ also includes log building design feature which lets designer to model log buildings in very fast workflow.
  • Wall+ configurations can now be linked with wall structure types, for very versatile framing of a building;
  • More versatile Workshop Drawing Configuration;
  • Improved workflow with new menu;
  • Profile properties can be changed directly in Framing Configuration;
  • Trimmer position can be modified;
  • More wall end connection types added to all framing types;
  • More configuration possibilities added;
  • And many more other improvements


If you want to try or use the newest Wall+ version, please contact us by email .