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Rediscover Revit® content management using Smart Browser

Product news Updates Smart Browser November 06, 2020

Starting this year, we decided to showcase Smart Browser as a more team-oriented tool. Along with the updated user interface, we reworked Smart Browser allocation into modules.

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New UI and features for Smart Browser

2020 is the year when we’ve changed the user interfaces of many of our tools. And Smart Browser is no exception.

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New UI released for MEP Hangers BIM Solution for Revit

Our MEP Hangers tool assists Revit users with distributing hangers and supports for MEP systems throughout Revit models. It lets you create very precise rules that describe on which exact elements ha...

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Approved, Declined, or Not Yet Reviewed? How to make openings change color in Revit [Free download]

The advent of 3D design and BIM put a new spin on MEP coordination: resolving clashes between elements in a model instead of lines in a drawing. While MEP engineers working in 2D have to imagine...

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MEP Hangers Revit tool steps into fabrication [WEBINAR]

Events MEP Hangers March 06, 2020

After a long time coming, our MEP Hangers extension for Revit is stepping into the Fabrication Parts arena! With the first MEP Hangers update of 2020 we present you the possibility of placing fabricat...

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How to put hangers over the insulation on a pipe or duct in Revit

Product news MEP Hangers March 03, 2020

Two related questions often come up about our MEP Hangers tool for Revit, usually during training sessions or a short time after beginning to use the software. “How do I put hangers on a du...

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WEBINAR: The easy way to get Structural and MEP Openings in Revit

Events Cut Opening December 09, 2019

In this webinar, we’ll showcase one of our BIM Solutions that benefits MEP Engineers, Structural engineers, Architects and BIM coordinators alike: Cut Opening. Not only can this tool insert ope...

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WEBINAR: Flexible, precise & fast distribution of MEP Hangers in Revit

Events MEP Hangers November 22, 2019

This webinar will serve as a review for some and hopefully a discovery for others of what our MEP Hangers tool for Revit is capable of: instant large-scale insertion of hangers and supports throughout...

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Silent and sustainable: the beauty of building prefabricated houses

Whether it’s clothes, food or furniture, people often tend to associate factory-made items with lack of quality. While this might be true to some extent, it’s definitely not the case with modern pre...

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MEP Hangers update: Define your own rules

Product news MEP Hangers May 09, 2019

A new update of MEP Hangers BIM solution for Revit has been released. With the latest change, MEP Hangers witnessed a comeback of IFC compatibility as well as the addition of a new feature that allo...

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