Import Excel spreadsheets into Revit projects and keep them synced

Excel2R imports Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, including style settings, into Autodesk® Revit® projects. Tables are easy to import and sync with the Excel spreadsheet, significantly speeding up the project documentation process.

      Compatible with Autodesk® Revit® 2023, 2022, 2021

Ideal for:

Every Revit user – whether an architect, engineer, manufacturer, project manager, or drafter – who works with data in Excel and wants to have it up to date in Revit. 

A variety of data from Excel files – such as technical specifications of windows, doors, structural elements, MEP elements, or any other information about a given project – can be imported and placed on sheets in Revit as a usual drafting view or legend to explain certain drawings. Imported data helps to browse project information quickly and speeds up communication between project members.

Powerful features

  • Instantly imports multiple Excel spreadsheets 
  • Allows you to keep line and text styles from the Excel file intact OR replace line and text styles using Revit project options 
  • Notifies you if the Excel spreadsheet has been updated

Excel2R quickly imports MS Excel spreadsheets into Revit with all formatting intact. Sync your Revit data tables with the original spreadsheet at any time, as the Excel2R plug-in maintains the link between Excel and your Revit project.

Both standalone and network license types of software licenses are available.



  • Time-saving productivity. Simply link MS Excel information to your Revit project.
  • Easy to use. Create tables in Revit hassle-free.
  • Always up-to-date. Rest assured that the latest data is used in your Revit project.


IT/Drafter at TJP Engineering, USA

Excel2R: "Our company develops Excel schedules far ahead of our model design, so it is necessary for us to include those schedules with our Revit projects. In the past, we would use AutoCAD and its datalinks to export a CAD file that we would import to Revit which was met with all kinds of inconsistent and bewildering results.

Now we can with the push of a button update our schedules, and even at a glance see which schedules are out of date. Beyond that, AGACAD’s support is amazing. We encountered a formatting/display issue which we informed them of, and in a very short period of time, the issue was resolved in the next version of the software. I haven’t experienced anything like that with any other software company. Incredibly satisfied!"

Architectural Designer at Stir Architecture (formerly Altoon Partners), USA

"Excel2R is simply helpful and user friendly Revit add-in."

HVAC/Plumbing Designer at Air Masters Corporations, USA

Excel2R: "It’s very easy to use and helps me get what I need quickly. Everything is working perfectly on the formatting. Great job to your team! Thank you for taking the time to look into the issue I was having and make adjustments needed. Thank you for all the wonderful support."

BIM Manager at NDY (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

"Excel2R is a time saver when generating tables and schedules. Works seamlessly as well."

Engineering Technician at O’Brine & Gere, USA

Client’s response after the release of Excel2R new version 2015.2:
"I'm very impressed to hear back from you, a lot of emails like I sent get tossed to the side in support situations like that. I appreciate you addressing my specific issue. I think it will greatly improve your already slick product."

BIM/CAD Leader at KPFF Consulting Engineers, USA

"I am very happy with both the Smart Sheets and the Excel2R add-ins. Unfortunately I’ve only had the need to use each a couple of times. The time I saved on just those 2 projects more than paid for the software so I’m very pleased."

CEO and Architect at Donovan Young Architecture, South Africa

Excel2R: "The software works fantastically. I really cannot go without it."

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