Smart Details (obsolete) Faq

Smart Details lets you instantly insert hundreds of details and cuts in your Revit® model. Using this software, designers avoid the long working hours required to insert elements manually…one . . . b y . . . o n e. If you have questions like the ones below, then Smart Details is definitely for you.

  • How can I insert a few connection details at once on both sides of the wall?
  • How can I lay out arrays of details on all of my walls or beams at one go?
  • How can I add multiple reveals on multiple walls at once?
  • Is it possible to distribute grout tubes on the bottom face of my wall and fix anchors on the top with just one click?
  • How can I find the gravity point of an element…and insert elements according to the gravity point?
  • How can I insert all required connection details on curtain walls and panels simultanesouly?

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